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If GTA:Online had massive servers it would be the best online game ever - but it is not

Most of us think about Rockstar Games and Grand Theft Auto with respect. To be subjective, it is my favourite game series. There is no game like GTA that offers such a freedom and some pretty nice criminal and destructive emotions. I passed trought all GTA games, from "zero to five", I remeber day when I did genocide, in GTA:2. I needed to kill 50 police officers to do genocide. That was really brave from Rockstar to put something like that in game.

I am asking myself, beyond technical questions. Why GTA:Online have servers with 32/64 players. It is great multiplayer game mod. But I do not want to buy it because I am sure in one thing. It would give me same gaming experience like APB:Reloaded did gave me. Maybe fellas from Rockstar are afraid total "in-game" chaos. Or they think that Massive multiplayer GTA:Online would ruin their present gameplay. They are trying to consist and ensure that experience and players emotions are similiar in some ways to single-player GTA. With both, single-player and multiplayer experience they want to ensure unique GTA:Online experience waking up memories of GTA:V heists, and single-player missions. All that in online fashion.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Really guys, we are lovers of GTA, but GTA:Online is not something special. I think we play it so "massively" because we adore and worship Grand Theft Auto. Not the "online GTA mode".

We all expect in near future GTA:VI or new GTA game in series. But I would like to see new GTA, with Massive multiplayer online GTA mode. Imagine Grand Theft Auto game with other 10.000 players on the map. It would be real apocalypse, and fun, and everything we want and we ever wanted from GTA.

I think that this "massive element" is game changer for GTA online experience. I can sense during my in-game experience in GTA:Online that I am to dedicated to few types of missions. That I do not feel like I am playing something online. I can also sense that there is only few players around me. Also because mode have little number of players they had to make all players visible on the map. I do not want to play online game and allways be seen or see all others. Also the whole LS map is unused and online game things are all thrown out there. I worship Rockstar and GTA but meaning of GTA games is not just to have plenty of money, huge and good cars and houses. I want to be honest and say that I can have in all game series in quick time. GTA is good game for me because other elements. Like real-life living in those city-maps. Criminal activites, police activities, criminal life, adventurism, driving cars, killing people, having "sex-around", sometimes sports. Not just to have millions and to buy stupid houses, like am no-culture guy.

Also best thing in GTA is that game series have one of the best stories of all games in all times. Yes story is one of the best. Whole "scenario" for all GTA games are ground breaking. They do it in movie fashion. That is second thing after endless-freeroam, why we love GTA.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

But there is no words that can say, now, GTA:Online can be better if they do this or that. This is over project, and forever this version of GTA:Online will be locked on very, very, small number of players. It is really locked.

You have medium sized Los Santos map, much of houses and bildings, places. But you do not have gameplay experience because non of this "servers" have anything special or unique for that server. You can play 10 minutes with 20 players and then you can go to server where there are 7 players and there you fullfil your "in-game dreams" much more easier and faster. Or you can go where there are 3 players in the server.

I want massive experience if I want to play game like Grand Theft Auto, online. You know purpose of GTA game is pure and massive chaos, killings, freedom and huge destruction. Not some "fashion week" pink houses and funny cars.

I want just to add-on, that software like FiVe:M, and RAGE MP can provide nice servers with 1000 - 2000 players on one server. Those standalone "GTA mods" are something that I would recommend to you all.

Good luck and plenty of felony I wish you all!

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