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Paladins Maeve´s Guide ( How I use Maeve) (How to be a Grand Master with Maeve)

Well, What´s up, guys? My name is Cesar or ELcesar or if you want to say me ELcesaRStarFTW it`s ok, no problem my homies.

Well, this is a short or long guide about that champion what is so cute, her name is Maeve and she is the most beautiful champion in all Paladins (F*ck u Skye, Evie, Lian, Seris, Furia, Cassie, Ash xD).

Sooo, do you want to be a main Meave?, You can´t. Because I´m main Maeve :v

Ok, Ok, You can be a main Meave but it is so hard to control her, Cause she is the Faster champion in Paladins...The Number One :,)

My Recommendations:

* You NEED a PC MASTER RACE 4K 120 FPS. ( Just need the minimum requirements or run the paladins on 30 fps).
* Good Aim.
* Practice with Meave until reach to Master 4 or 5
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Now The Build: (This is the talent that I usually use)

Talents: I always use Artful Dodger cause give it 400 hp (that was a f*cking nerf before was 500hp)
I don´t use the others legendaries cards because they use is for two abilities (Pounce and Prowl) and It´s Better to survive with 400hp that without any life.

Cards Build: (This is my card build)

* On Edge = 5
*Street Creed = 2
* Predation = 2
*Persistence = 1
*Patch Up = 3 (Combined with Artful Dodger you get 640 hp)


*Defense: Haven
*Utility: Chronos or Nimble
*Healing: Kill to Heal, Life Rip or Veteran (Rarely I use Veteran)
*Attack: Cauterize or Aggression (LMAO xD)
By playing this game you can get 100 Play

If you want to be a main Maeve, you have to dedicate so many hours playing Paladins but the reward going be so gratifying because Maeve is an excellent Champion and Flank, She´s so faster, She´s so Dangerous, and She´s so beautiful <3.

You will not regret buying Maeve, I assure you, you will have a lot of funny moments with this champions and many Victorys.

You can donate me some dollars to buying a Microphone or a better PC (or giving me asylum, I live in Venezuela help me please :,v)

Donate Here:

Well guys, if you want to send me a request friend in paladins, I´m Glad for that and I don´t know what else to put, so I wanna say, Maeve is Love, Maeve is Life, Maeve is Love, Maeve is Life, Maeve is Love, Maeve is Life

So, Thanks Guys Have a Nice Day.
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