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League of Legends
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Your guide to League of Legend's Acronyms (ALPHABETICALLY SORTED)

NOTE (Important: This mini guide is not meant to explain the usage of compounded words such as KYS or TTYL, look that up instead.)

This is my small guide to the specific abbreviations of League of Legends. This guide will be displayed in an alphabetically sorted, organized LIST.

First off, we must talk about some of the basics. Champions (the characters controlled by players) have many different stats that can be modified by items bought from a shop. Stats change and enhance the effects of a champion's abilities (think spells, cast by the player) These items DO NOT carry over between games, and are bought using gold that DOES NOT carry over between games.

Let's begin.
AA: AUTO ATTACK. The attack every champion has, with varying range. Auto attacks are modified by ATTACK SPEED and ATTACK DAMAGE, to trigger faster and deal more damage, respectively.

AD: ATTACK DAMAGE. AD increases damage dealt by AUTO ATTACKs.

ADC: ATTACK DAMAGE CARRY. ADC is one of the roles in league, mainly characters that heavily invest in the offensive stats ATTACK DAMAGE and ATTACK SPEED.

AFK: AWAY FROM KEYBOARD. This is a term used by practically all online games, meaning the player has left their character in an idle position, and perform another activity "away from the keyboard".

AoE: AREA of EFFECT. Means in an area, not single target.

AP: ABILITY POWER. This is a stat that increases the damage of most spells, and is heavily invested in by mages and spell users.

APC: ABILITY POWER CARRY. Pretty much a character that would build heavy ABILITY POWER in order to deal damage.

ARAM: ALL RANDOM ALL MID. A 5v5 game mode in League of Legends that centers around randomly selected champions battling in a single "lane".

AS: ATTACK SPEED. Modifies the firing speed of AUTO ATTACKS.

B: BACK. Recalling to a team base.

BM: BAD MANNERS. Unsportsmanlike conduct, but in a more relaxed and teasing manner.
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CC: CROWD CONTROL. Restriction of movement or actions.

CD: COOLDOWN. The time an ability is unable to be used (due to a previous use); alternatively, "on cooldown" means the ability is unable to be used.

CDR: COOLDOWN REDUCTION. A stat that reduces COOLDOWNS, allowing abilities to be used more often.

CS: CREEP SCORE. A numerical value of how many gold-granting AI characters a player has killed.

DC: DISCONNECT. Leaving the game for one reason or another.

DoT: DAMAGE over TIME. An effect that deals its damage over a certain period of time rather than all at once.

DPS: DAMAGE PER SECOND. Again, not quite a League term, but still useful. General term for quick, fast damage (not always measured numerically per second).

EXP: EXPERIENCE POINTS OR EXPERIENCE. Another general term in video games, referring to points that allow your character to level up.

EZ: EASY. Self explanatory.

F: PRESS F TO PAY RESPECTS OR FLASH. Flash is a spell that allows your champion to blink a short distance, on a long COOLDOWN.

FB: FIRST BLOOD. The first kill that occurs in a game.

FF: FORFEIT. An often used term for surrender: "FF at 20."

FoW: FOG OF WAR. The dark haze that covers the map.

GA: GUARDIAN ANGEL. An ingame item that allows you to resurrect on a long COOLDOWN.

GP: GANGPLANK. A pirate-themed champion in League.

HP: HIT POINTS. A health system common in video games.

IE: INFINITY EDGE. An item in league built on ATTACK DAMAGE CARRIES.

IBG: ICEBORN GAUNTLET. An armor item in League commonly build on tanks, or characters meant to soak up damage.

IP: INFLUENCE POINTS. One of the two currency systems in League, IP is the currency you get after games.

J4: JARVAN IV. An easier way to name one of the many champions (in this case, Jarvan IV).

JoJ: JOURNAL of JUSTICE. An outdated, lore-related collection of "news articles" from inside the universe of League of Legends.

KS: KILL STEAL OR KILL SECURE. A term used by players when a kill is stolen by last-hit or secured by last-hit.
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LS: LIFE STEAL. A stat that provides healing based on AUTO ATTACK damage.

MF: MISS FORTUNE. A champion in League.

MIA: MISSING IN ACTION. Abbreviation used when an opponent is nowhere to be found.

MR: MAGIC RESIST. A stat that decreases magic damage dealt to a champion.

OMW: ON MY WAY. A way to let someone know you're heading in their direction.

OOM: OUT OF MANA. Being out of "mana", a resource used to cast some spells.

OP: OVERPOWERED. Something that is disproportionately or inappropriately strong.

PBE: PUBLIC BETA ENVIRONMENT. A test server used to get feedback on possible upcoming changes.

PD: PHANTOM DANCER. An item in League granting critical strike chance and ATTACK SPEED.

Q: QUEUE. A short way of saying you're in queue.

QSS: QUICKSILVER SASH. An item in League granting CROWD CONTROL resistance and MAGIC RESISTANCE.

R: The ultimate ability of a champion, usually the strongest, with the longest COOLDOWN.

RoA: ROD of AGES. An item in League granting ABILITY POWER and HP.

RP: RIOT POINTS. The second for of currency in League, RP being the premium currency. Used to buy champions and cosmetics.

SR: SUMMONER'S RIFT. The main 5v5 map with ~30 minute game times.

SV: SPIRIT VISAGE. An item in League that grants MAGIC RESIST and HP.

TF: TRINITY FORCE OR TWISTED FATE. TRIFORCE is an item that grants many stats (including ATTACK DAMAGE and ATTACK SPEED). TWISTED FATE is an ABILITY POWER champion.

TP: TELEPORT. The name of a spell that allows you to "teleport" long distances.

URF: ULTRA RAPID FIRS. The most-loved game mode on SUMMONER'S RIFT that occasionally appears for play.

WW: WARICK. A tank champion in League.

That's it! If you noticed, I DID NOT include many terms like mana or minions, since those are not abbreviations. Sorry for the confusion this may have caused. Also, some well-known terms (GG) are not included. Thanks for reading!
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