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Minecraft - Top 5 Beginner Tips!

Are you new to Minecraft? Are you not really good at playing the game? Do not blame yourself. Minecraft is a game that has no tutorial, no explanation how to play it or what you should do. But do not worry because today, I am here, and I will give you some basic tips to hopefully help you become better at the game. So sit back, relax and read this article, and after you are done reading, you will see yourself already playing much better.

Tip 1: Do not dig straight down - This is a big no no. By digging straight down in Minecraft, nothing good can happen. Most likely you will either fall into a pool of lava and die or take fall damage.

Tip 2: Do not mine diamonds with a stone pickaxe: Some ores can not be broken by any type of pickaxe. For example, you have to have a iron or diamond pickaxe to collect diamonds from iron ores. Before you mine a ore, make sure you have a pickaxe which can break it (iron ore - stone pickaxe, gold ore - iron picaxe etc.).

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Tip 3: Do not look The Enderman in the eyes - Endermans are one of the most powerful mobs in Minecraft (excluding boss battles of course). Enderman has double the player's health. They also deal a very high amount of damage and they can teleport around the map. But they are not hostile - if you do not look at them in the eyes. Stare in their eyes for too long and you will be attacked by them.

Tip 4: Do not go to The Nether unprepared - The Nether is a very dangerous place. You have Ghasts flying around, pools of lava, Magma Cubes... If you go to the Nether fortress then you will have to fight Blazes and Wither Skeletons, which are very dangerous foes. From my experience, you should not go to The Nether if you do not have at least iron armor, iron sword, bow and a stack (64) of arrows. I also highly recommend bringing flint and steel in case your Nether portal gets deactivated for some reason (for example, Ghast can deactivate your Nether portal by shooting it with his fireballs).

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Tip 5: Do not engage the skeleton in the water - Skeleton's have bow and arrow and they are long range mobs meaning they will shoot you from a distance. Attacking them in normal circumstances can be pretty hard if you do not have armor. But engaging them in water - It is a suicide if you do not have a bow and arrow. Reasons? First of all you are much slower in water than normally, meaning the skeletons can shoot you more times, and second, when skeletons shoot you, they will push you back meaning that it will be very hard to get to them.

Bonus tip: Do not make gold tools and armor - You might think because gold is so rare in Minecraft that that tools and armor made out of it are very good as well. Well, you would be wrong. Golden tools are very bad. For example, golden sword deals same damage as a wooden sword would, but it is less durable. So wooden sword is better than gold sword. Golden armor is not that bad, but iron armor is much better.

That was my list of top 5 beginner tips for Minecraft. I hope you liked my article! Have a good day!

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