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Team fight tactics, league of legends mode review

League of legends is a infamous online game that is very well known and beloved by many in the community. It is free for all to download on practically any computer and allows for community playing by choosing your very favourite characters and use their powers to dominate the battlefield. However there is a newer5 mode to this game. Team fight tactics or often called TFT for short is heavily strategy based mode. One game of this can take around 30 minutes depending on how long you remain in the game for. The premise has no plot however so if you were hoping for some storyline then this mode will not be for you. I also would like to add on here as a addition that there are purchasable add on's but none that would give a player a unfair advantage which is very pleasant and sadly not seen in many other games in this genre. As for age range it really depends on the child's comprehension of strategy and if you trust them not to try and purchase things without consent from the guardian.

But I digress, back to the core gameplay you start with your mini monster and choose your first member of your army, you then gain coins from gaining a winning or losing streak and use these coins to either increase your level for that game to gain a wider maximum army size, or you can use it to buy more characters for your army. These consist of: Adept, Assassin, Blacksmith, Brawler, Duelist, fortune, Emperor, Executioner, Keeper, Mage, Mystic, Sharpshooter, Slayer, Syphoner and Vanguard. These each when having multiple different members of this class provide a different skill or benefit to the team meaning there is a vast variety of play styles to try to and decide on when facing opponents. There is also another thing to consider when team building and that is the items you will place onto your soldiers. These items increase a particular stat on the member it is placed on however they can have this and additional effects when combined with other items that you retrieve via battles.

The items in the game are vast and again add to the endless opportunity's to customize and strategies in attempt to rise victorious among your competitors. One thing with this game I must highly advice is being patient as it takes time to learn the mechanics fully and even longer to apply them in game. As you gain this experience you also often are rewarded by completing mission within the game and gain prizes. Examples of this are the monster icons you can get and then use to stand out in game. These can also be improved and upgraded with lots of gameplay. This game is very well renown for solid reasons and it's hype in my opinion is fully justified. TFT gives the game a new opportunity to invite strategists or people who dislike action games into the community and allow them to bond and meet the middle and in this way it is unique and successful. To review Team fight tactics is fun and thrilling as it replaces all the action with strategy but still involves all your beloved champions.

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