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Amazing Game! Love it :)

This Game is awesome! You can play lot's of different games and meet so many new people, It's a fun-loving community where you are bound to meet someone new! I have recently played a game called Jailbreak, Which I love! You can either be a Cop or a Prisoner. The Prisoners goal is to escape whilst the Cops goal is to stop them! Once you have escaped the Criminal can roam around a map and you can drive cars, Fly Helicopters, Rob banks etc! Just make sure you don't get caught by the Cops again or your busted and back in Prison :( The thing I don't like about this game is that it's rather easy to escape. There are so many more games on ROBLOX just like Jailbreak! From Escaping a Sinking Ship to flying a plane to Making a city. The Possibility is endless and I love the game because of the way there are so many games.
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Also, There is something called, "ROBLOX Studio" Now this is where you can create your own game or your own model! It's a bit confusing at first but it's great fun when you start to know how to use it! I use it mainly for building aircraft and airports since that's what I love. You can also get things from the Toolbox which is a wide range of things that people all over the world have created. From Houses to Planes to Ovens you name it, they got it in the Toolbox! I really love the way you can express yourself in the Roblox Studio and practically make Anything You Desire! It's really great fun to build things and show them off to your friends who have made other things too! The Picture Below shows a couple of the things that you can build in Roblox Studio and find in the toolbox that they have made.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Overall I think this is a great game to play! You can find so many games to play that are just right for you, Many groups you can join will have different things such as airlines or army groups etc. There is lot's to do on ROBLOX from the Studio to playing games. You can even customize your character using ROBUX (BOUGHT USING REAL CURRENCY!) and make your character look the way you love it :D I'm sure if you play it you'll enjoy it too! Most of all you'll get your awesome Bananas from completing all the quests on ROBLOX! You can even earn XP to customize your Banana here too! :) I hope you have enjoyed reading this review. Of course, anything you like it give it a thumbs up! I hope this has helped and look forward to seeing you play ROBLOX soon :) All the best and happy playing ~ WillowDog12
5.0 (1)
Author WillowDog12
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