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Last time I was mentioning Minecraft on Bananapedia as being one of my first games, but there’s something bigger before it. Obviously Metin 2 and 4Story. I will post the review on the first one much later. Now I want to present you how 4STORY was and what became of it after the most „ugly” patch in my whole 4Story history. That’s why i’ll begin reviewing the game before that update and after that I’ll explain what was changed.
There are many thoughts and opinions on this, but for a game published in 2008 to get the most cool things changed is a strange thing. I’m sure that if that update wouldn’t came I would be on the servers playing all day long. I don’t know statistics of the playerbase before and after the patch (Rise of Gor I think) , but I tend to think that the most of the veterans quit and there are only new players left, which saw the game on advertisements.
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The game is a little inspired from WoW as most of the older MMOS are. The game is placed in the continent of Iberia. Here there are 2 factions fighting each other: Valorian and Derion. Valorian is more specialized in melee combat and the other one on magic. There are 6 classes: archer, evocator, warrior, magician, priest and night walker. I remember the classes were far from balanced and the archer was most of the time the big bad guy. The maps were interesting, there was a good mob variation and the combat, especially PvP and FvF (faction vs faction; can’t remember if that’s the correct name) was requiring a strategy. All of the abilities had decent animations. The character customisation was limited. After you create a character you’ll spawn in a tutorial area, some kind of ancestral place where you got all the abilities and some nice gear. After that you’ll spawn in the starter area, based on your faction Valorian or Derion.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
It was cool that there was some kind of movement needed in combat, but the game was based on grinding. Gold was hard too do and at some points you had only hard quests or no quests at all. The game was fun to play, especially in parties, the community was great. Now O’ll tell you about that update. It added a new starting zone for both factions and the faction choice was delayed to level 10-15 (can’t remember the number well). They also added auto quest and not only pathfinding glow but even auto moving. Horrible! They also made all your skills available from the first level, another bad option for my tastes. And what’s more I see that they have changed the faction’s names. Now there are Defugel and Craxion. I miss 4Story „vanilla” and i want it back on the official severs. You can try to play on 4ancient private server if you want tto experience vanilla.
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