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Is it worth it to manage farms in Harvest Land

Despite the fact that simulation games still don't have the large following that others have in areas such as strategy and action like Clash of Clans, the truth is, like Hay Day managed to succeed, The thing is that you can find some examples in this first area. It has established himself not only as one of the leaders in its category, but also as one of the most popular in the world.

Therefore, others appear and take inspiration from them, striving to reach the top and exploiting the charm of the most popular ones. That is the case with Harvest Land, which, as we'll see below, tries to bring together various thematic elements in a casual, bucolic atmosphere that's ideal for all viewers.

We are in a valley rich in resources, but wasted. Our mission is to create a small village and grow a small amount of vegetables in this environment. As usual, we have succeeded in ensuring the livelihoods of the few inhabitants, so without forgetting the people, we have increased the variety of food and increased the number of citizens, in this case birds and You will have the opportunity to attract animals such as cows, and at the same time you will be able to build another set of structures aimed at obtaining better structures and resources.

Looking to give you something more, in Harvest Land you'll have to face a series of enemies whose purpose is to destroy your crops and everything in your path. To avoid this, you may complete a series of missions. This will allow you to discover magical characters and other elements to enhance yourself as you continue building. Co-op Mode There is also a place here as you can ask your friends for help in helping your village grow and become a thriving city.

Slavs always work, trying to support themselves and their descendants. From the first minutes, hardworking villagers do not sit still, but work in the fields and collect apples. After cutting down some unnecessary pines and birches, they began to build large houses for residents and various huts for craftsmen. A sawmill produces wood, a smithy is needed to forge swords, and a baker prepares bread.

I find it very good to try different strategies on how to manage your farm and prosper efficiently while gaining knowledge on how to manage a lot of aspects.

A great man and his wives embarked on a long adventure in hopes of finding a new home.
This strategy is little different from a standard mobile farm. All buildings take time and plants grow little by little. To speed up the process, you can use special game currency purchased with real money. There is also the possibility of bargaining with other players for particularly scarce resources.

Harvestland has no initial cost. So far, thanks to factors such as integrated purchases, which for each item he reaches 120 euros, and excessive waiting for the completion of the building he has started construction, the number of users he has not exceeded 5 million.

With over $145 million in assets, Harvest Land Co-op generates approximately $430 million in annual sales. they employ nearly 350 people and operate 51 facilities, including about 10 million bushels of grain storage.

In my opinion it would be good if you give it a try and see for yourself how you can manage things and how good of a manager you are.

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