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Energy Fighting (The Basics)

Now here's a simple question, what is a energy fighter? Have a thought about it yet? Here's the answer. A energy fighter is any plane made to combat other planes. When flying a plane that was made to either, boom and zoom, or dive on enemies, it is using its energy to attack. This article will go over some of the things than can be used during energy fights. During a dogfight, there will be three things you must take into part during a energy fight. Speed, turning, and gun power. During a energy fight you must learn to A. Watching your speed, B. Be able to turn while keeping your speed and C. Gun management. Let's go over the basics of the first part, maintaining speed. Now, whenever you get into a fight one of the planes will have more speed in this encounter. But during a energy fight being fast is not the only thing that is important. When energy fighting going faster can decrease how fast you can turn, which is why you have flaps. Flaps will slow your plane down and increase your turn speed by much more. Try not to go full speed during your energy fight as this may result in A, you going into a dive and either ripping off your wings or flaps, or B you getting not enough turn and crashing into a hill or mountain.Try to keep your speed at a rate that your plane can handle, go into a testing server for your plane and see what it is capable of. Another thing that can help you is researching all the planes you may face off in an energy fight, some planes are faster and have better guns but cant turn very well and vice versa. Try to make sure that you have the wits to turn on combat flaps and slow down in a battle and that can improve your performance immensely. These are just basics and cover when you are turnfighting and not doing something more complicated.
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Part two. Turning. During a turn fight there will be 3 factors that must be put into consideration. Plane size, weight and engine power. During a turnfight you will be either on an advantage or a disadvantage. During a energy fight there are a few things that you must know to help you out. Airplane energy and height. Some planes work better at certain heights and energy is what the airplane has in terms of speed and height. At height a plane that is going 600 kph and is at 8000 meters has a lot of potential energy, potential energy is how much energy a plane has stored up and can be used. When it is used it is now actual energy or kinetic energy, when potential gets converted it will use this energy in a dive maybe. When going into a dive you are converting that energy but when you pull out of the dive and go level you are showing how much energy was retained from the conversion lets say the plane going 600 kph at 8000 meters is now going 800kph at 3000 meters and when it pulls up it goes to 700 kph at 1000 meters. During that whole thing it had converted its potential energy into kinetic energy and had retained 100 kph worth of energy. When using this you can use diving and the use of energy for fighting or booming and zooming on other planes. But before you do use this in an actual match you must test the limits of what your plane is capable of doing.
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And the last part. Gun Management. When flying in any fight you will be firing at the enemy. Though during a dogfight this can be a very big problem in a turn fight. If you have just sprayed everyone of your rounds at a plane directly above you than you are open for 30 seconds to be shot in arcade and in realistic than you might as well have a deathwish. When fighting in a turnfight maintaining your ammunition is key as it can mean life or death. Whenever you are fighting remember to make sure you have a clear shot, especially with cannons since you have just a few shots at landing a hit. Try to make sure that you can try to get them when they are either going slowest or are straightening out. When they are slower it is harder for them to dodge out of the way of your incoming fire. And when they straighten out they are much easier to hit. During a fight like this you will experience a lot of g force's which can impact your aiming. Try to hit when you have the least amount of G force's impacting you. Those are the basics of turnfighting and dive bombing, two of the many forms of using energy in a battle.
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