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The Hybrid knight guide

Hello everyone, today let's talk about the hybrid demoknight(hybrid-knight). If you play team fortress 2 then you probably know about the demoknight. Demoknight is one of the subclasses for the class 'Demoman'. Demoknight is a subclass which changes the playstyle of the Demoman from a sticky-spammer to a knight or a samurai. The hybrid demoknight can be referred to as a hybrid subclass or a subclass of a subclass. The hybrid knight only brings one change to the demoknight subclass but it is enough to be classified as a different playstyle. The hybrid knight is very amazing because it allows newer players who are trying to fully commit to demoknight to learn the basics without risking much. The hybrid knight is a playstyle that is adopted by many people because it is just too good, maybe even better than the demoknight. Demoknight is a subclass that is more focused on having fun and trolling bad players. On the other hand, the hybrid-knight is a subclass that is more serious and requires less skill to be good with. A good demoknight player can easily defeat a hybrid knight, but if the hybrid knight is also good then he can defeat any demoknight. The hybrid knight has one clear advantage over every demoknight also allowing for more versatility against other classes in the game, we will talk about this down in the loadout section.

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We've talked about what a hybrid knight is, it's time for the loadout for a hybrid knight. I can't say that there is a loadout that all of the hybrid knights use. The fundamentals of a hybrid knight loadout are any kind of grenade launcher with the other components of the demoknight, like the shields and swords. That's it for making a hybrid knight loadout. However, there is one loadout that is used by most of the hybrid knights. The loadout consists of the iron bomber as the primary, the tide-turner as your secondary, and the Claidheamh Mòr as the melee. The iron bomber is the equivalent of both a grenade launcher and a sticky bomb launcher, the tide turner allows for changing your direction while charging, and lastly, the Claidheamh Mòr is the sword which leans towards the demoknight playstyle. I have added a picture of the Iron bomber and the tide turner above and below this paragraph respectively. I said that the hybrid knight has a clear advantage over any demoknight because the demoknight only has a melee weapon but the hybrid knight has a grenade launcher as well as the same mobility as a demoknight. Even if the demoknight is very hood and manages to survive the grenades using his mobility, he will still have to face a full-health hybrid knight with almost the same loadout as him. This allows the hybrid knight a clear advantage over other classes and subclasses as well.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Now, it's time to talk about some things to be mindful of while playing as a hybrid knight. You need to spam grenades into your enemies. This may sound sarcastic but it is true. When you are trying to charge in certain direction spam your grenades all over the area. If you do this then it will make the enemies panic and you will also get some damage. The second thing to be mindful of is your melee. If you run out of grenades then you should not run away instead you should fight back with your melee. Many new players just run up to an ammo crate. I don't mean that you should deal a lot of damage but instead, you should be in the fight and help your teammates when you can. Retreat only when you have very low health. As a hybrid knight, all I think you should do is stay in a safe place and spam grenades, also use your melee when you can. I don't have much to say about the hybrid knight. If you chose this playstyle then best of luck. That's it for today, thank you and have a good day.

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