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League of Legends
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How great is League of Legends? This is how you get started and what you need to know.

League of Legends is a multiplayer online battle arena game that features 10 players in a 5v5 click-action thrilling battle to destroy the other team's base(nexus). The skills needed to exceed in this game are exceedingly fast reflexes, fast-thinking, strategy, and game knowledge. This is more than enough to reveal the insanely high skill cap of this game. If you like challenges and have a talent for games then this game is for you. If you think you suck at games in general, I still think you should check it out. I am confident in saying that with a bit of time and hard work, even the worst gamers can succeed in The League of Legends. You can practice with AI before you get your skills up and start playing against real players in the normal game mode and go further to play in ranked games, which ranks you in skills in comparison to other players. It is also a great platform to make multiple friends from around the world or simply, you could invite your friends and enjoy one of the greatest gaming experiences you could ever have with them.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play


There are 5 roles to play in the game. Each role has its own job in securing a win past the skill of an individual player. If a player loses in their role then the game is most likely to end in a defeat. In other to prevent this you have to know what each role does :

  • Top - Their job is to split-push, to tank, and to bruiser. Split-push is when you keep pushing a side lane (top or bot). You always start the game in Top-side. Beware of the jungler as junglers are known to ambush top side a lot, which puts you in a 1v2 situation very quickly.
  • Mid - Their job is to farm to be the most relevant and also to move around the map. You have to aim to deal the most damage in your team.
  • Adc - Their job is to farm and show up to team fights, do as much damage as possible from afar and not die. You have to aim to do the most damage from the backline of any fight.
  • Support - Their job is to be in the bot lane with the Adc and protect them. You are also supposed to give vision and take away enemy vision. You have to support your team.
  • Jungle - Their job is killing neutral monsters in the jungle and support the other lanes when they can. You are supposed to help your allies and ambush the enemy team in lanes.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play


So you are interested in League of Legends and want to start playing. What you do is simply to download League of Legends and play the tutorial. From there onwards, you can start playing normal games. I would say that after playing 3-5 normal games, you know quite a bit about the game and can start watching youtube videos of high-elo players, another name for high ranked players. This will give you the motivation and game knowledge to be able to grow in skill pretty quickly in the game. If you have any additional questions, you can simply search them on youtube and learn.

While you are learning the game, you will really need to be aware of one important variable and that is that not all players will be nice. Especially when you are learning, you might knowingly or unknowingly feed the enemy team. Feeding is where you die to an enemy player, therefore giving him extra gold. The enemy is then able to buy more items and become stronger and harder to kill. Mute the toxic players always. Some players can be quite toxic, so make sure you never lose heart in learning how to play the game. Be patient with yourself and most importantly, have fun.

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