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How to move buildings......

This may seem silly, but it took me forever to figure out how to move a building once I put it in a spot that did not have access to a road. Frustrating! Especially as I knew it was in the tutorial. I searched high and low on the building tab, becoming more and more irritated as time went on and I couldn't figure it out. Turns out, after I had long given up and decided to just build around the misplaced building, an icon pops up at the top of the screen, not in the building tab itself. I would have expected it to be in the building section, however that is clearly not the case! I'm learning as I go, and this game has a lot of different screens, icons, and options. I'm sure I'll get used to how everything works with time. Hopefully this is helpful to someone else who can't see the forest for the trees!

1. Click building tab in the bottom left corner of your screen. Once you've done that, a tab with three icons should pop up in the top centre of your screen.

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2. From the tab in the top centre of the screen, click middle button - it looks like a 4 pronged arrow.

Now you can move your building wherever you like! Why was something so simple so hard for me to find? I generally don't play this type of game, we'll chalk it up to that. It doesn't seem to cost anything so far to move buildings, however it seems that in some games, costs change with time and experience so this may not always be the case as I've just started playing. Next I'll be thinking of more specific strategy in initial building placement, and how to expand the space for the settlement. I'm not one to pay for extras in a game, so I'm not sure what this will look like as time goes on. I'm also unsure as of yet whether others can crash my town which would require rebuilding - I played Final Fantasy quite a while back and took a holiday with no internet....... I returned to a burning heap that required lots of fixing! FOE may require the same type of upkeep in terms of regular check ins which can be hard!

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

I'm sure I'll find many other newbie difficulties as I go, stay tuned! It's a decent game so far, though the tutorials seems long clearly they're necessary. I'm quite interested to figure out the fine details of all of the screens, maps, and icons. So far the leveling up has come quickly, really. But again, as with some other games, things are easy and inexpensive early on and increase over time. I'm interested in other player's long-term strategies for building placement.......... Also, how many people usually buy the extra game items, and how much do you usually spend? Is it worth it in the long run, especially if there is a chance that your settlement could be wiped out, if that's the case? Maybe if it is the case, the ones who wipe out other settlements are the ones who have purchased the extra game packages? So many things to learn, and to think it all started with a silly, right in front of me icon that was in the top centre instead of the bottom left. Best of luck in Forge of Empires!

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