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The good and the bad points of Warframe

I have played warframe for about 3 years now.

and from my experience I can tell you that, Oh boy! does it have a lot of high points. but it also has a fair few low points.

so to start this review off and to see if you like the game ask yourself a few of these simple questions. Have you played MMO's in the past and do you like them? are you ok with grinding for loot? (grinding is doing the same thing over and over)

and are you a completionist?

If you answered yes to the first 3 questions and no to the last then you should have no trouble enjoying warframe.

but if you answered yes to the last question and no to the first few then you might want to stay away. warframe is an evolving game. it is constantly being updated with new weapons skins and content.

weapons and skins are the things they add the most though. so if you are a completionist then this will probably drive you up the wall as there is over 100 melee weapons and guns in total by now. (im pretty sure there is anyway.)

as for the grinding and MMO aspect its pretty simple to explain. you will have to do a lot of things in this game over and over to get what you want, and if luck does not favor you... then well you could be doing that certain thing for a very long time.

Now that im done talking about a few of the games potential negatives its time to talk about some positives.

First off on high graphic settings the game is a joy to look at. I'll include a picture bellow to show you what I mean. Yeah. that lighting is pretty top notch.

The next good point is, its free. so if your low on money and have a decent enough internet connection you can play when ever you want. and on a pretty low end PC as well.

The developers care about their game getting to as many players as possible. so they have optimized it to work on laptops, mac's, and windows XP. yes windows XP. an operating system that Microsoft has stopped making updates for is still being supported by the Warframe Developers.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Warframe like most games is better with friends but this time it is taken up to 11. when you play with friends you will be able to beat higher level enemies which in turn means better loot, and better loot means better guns. And better guns means so much more explosions tactical options and just in general silliness.

For instance one of the combo's you can pull off is Using 2 abilities that make you swing your melee weapons faster along with a fast weapon. if you can spam E (the melee button) fast enough or create a macro for spamming E then your swings start to become a blur as enemies die left and right.

which reminds me how I really should leave a warning here about this game. Warframe can get very bloody and gory.
so if you hate or are repulsed by gore you might want to stay away.

there is an option to turn the gore effects off but im pretty sure it just removes the blood. you can still shoot or chop stuff in half.
I was thinking of showing some of the gore effects in the picture bellow but I decided against it.

I don't want to make you throw up if your squeamish.

Anyway on to another point. and that is how Warframe can get lonely at times. if you don't have friends to play with like I said before.
Even if you join a clan (guild) in the game it still can fizzle out.

I've been in 3 clans so far and each one has started off very active but gradually tapered off until they all felt like a ghost town at some point.

to avoid all this and not feel lonely I Suggest playing with some close friends and quitting warframe form time to time so you don't get bored and burn out.

And if you don't have any good friends or they end up hating warframe then try a really big clan. this makes sure you have lots of opportunity's to make new friends and play with people.

Small clans can be just as good though. as everyone generally knows each other a lot better.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
One thing I really have to mention in this Review are the Nerfs. Oh boy! are there some big ones. (a nerf or nerfing something is went a gameplay element or weapon is modified by the Developers to be worse.)

For instance there was this one gun called the Flux rifle. waay back in the Early days of warfame this weapon Rocked. it Fired a lazer beam that could cut through anything, Even the games mini boss/edgelord assassin The Stalker did not stand a chance.

Fast forward a few years though and now it sucks. it sucks so much you have to mod it with some of the best mods in the game just to make it average.

Sadly this could happen to your favorite weapon in the game as well. although it mostly happens to the super powerful/overpowered weapons.

so if your favorite weapons are average or even suck then you have a much higher chance of them not being nerfed.

Another great thing about the game is the amount of character choices or warframes you can choose. there is over 30 of them to choose from at the time I wrote this review, and by now there are probably even more. I'll include a picture above to give you a general idea of just how many there are.

Just keep in mind that some are a lot easier to get then others.

So to wrap it all up warframe can be quite a fun game and I have enjoyed it a lot. If I was going to give it a rating (which I am by the way) Id give it a 7/10.

Its not perfect but then again what game ever is?
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Author DZ striker
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