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Importance of wood and cobblestone in MInecraft

Everything is starting by getting a wood. Basically survival in Minecraft can't leave woods. You could get wood very easily, just through your hands when you just spawn in the Minecraft world! However, many players would forget how important wood is helping them to survive in Minecraft world because it is everywhere and easy to get. Let me tell you how could it be used to help you survive in Minecraft. You need wood for most of the tools you would use, swords, pickaxes, shovels, hoes, axes, fishing rod. If you don't have these tool, you couldn't get any ore, cooked food, any crops, even anything that needs to be crafted through crafting table because crafting table is made of wood! For construction, it can be used for building houses, also for crafting slabs, stairs, fences, beds, trap doors to decorate your house! Not having enough wood you may not survive in Minecraft! You may say you won't die in Minecraft world but you must be playing this game harder! So be careful do you have enough wood in your survival journey!

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But why I said cobblestones are also important for our Minecraft survival? In Minecraft, using wood tools and stone tools are always in a starter stage, iron tools for the middle stage and diamond tools for the last stage. Using wooden tools to mine cobblestone and upgrade to stone tools, using stone tools to mine iron and upgrade to iron tools and using iron tools to mine diamond and upgrade to diamond tools. You may think that stone tools are used for the starter stage, why cobblestones are that important? Cobblestones are not only used for crafting tools but also could use it to craft your furnaces, cobblestone stairs, brewing stand, cobblestone walls, cobblestone slabs, or even pistons, lever, dispenser, dropper and observer those Redstones tools. If you don't have a furnace, you cant eat cooked food, don't have any ore ingots. Stairs, slabs, brewing stands, walls could help your game being easier and could build a beautiful house, decorate your house to be more comfortable or even you could build a beautiful city!

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

You could see how important that woods and cobblestone are getting used in Minecraft. It is very easy to get woods and cobblestones. Hope you can defeat the ender dragon and the wither and enjoy if you are willing to play an adventure game! If you are playing in creative mode or just love to build a beautiful world in survival mode, just make good use in woods and cobblestones, they can help you to build some beautiful houses for both inside and outside the houses, or you can build up an estate or build a village for you or even a city! Don't forget you can make a cobblestone generator by using some water and lava just like you survive in skyblock if you don't like mine down from the ground. Moreover, I will suggest everyone to build up a tree farm, it will convince you. No need to go too far away for finding trees, not wasting time for it, having more time for you to chop them off.So just remember to use your hands and pickaxes to get more woods and cobblestones to prepare your Minecraft journey!

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