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Minecraft Survival: Mastering the Game

Minecraft is a fun-filled sandbox survival game. While at first, the game seems to be a little childish, once the user tries the game they will quickly learn that they were wrong.

Despite Minecraft's strange and cartoonish looking graphic and world design, the game turns out to be quite challenging. The game is much more than simply surviving, it is also about building a perfect base, fighting against monsters, and ultimately, beating all of the world bosses.

Building a perfect base can be a challenge in the crazy confusing world of Minecraft. While a new player could simply build a house out of dirt and wood, the house could be burned down if caught on fire or struck by lightning. It could also be destroyed by a creeper, making re-building the house a lot of work.

Minecraft currently has three bosses: the Ender Dragon, the Wither, and the Elder Guardian. The three bosses are all very different, and require many different tools and weapons to defeat them.
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The Ender Dragon, which is the most common of the three bosses, requires the player to travel to The End to fight it. The End is a separate Minecraft world that is filled with nothing but a desert of endstone, obsidian, and endermen.

The Wither, which is the second most popular of the bosses, requires the user to travel to The Nether. The Nether is basically the underworld of Minecraft and is filled with many kinds of dangers and monsters. To spawn the Wither, the player must first find a Nether Fortress and kill enough Wither Skeletons to acquire 3 Wither Skeleton Heads. After the three heads have been collected, the player must build the Wither using the three heads and some Soul Sand.

Ultimately, the Wither is a very useful boss to kill because of its special drop: the Nether Star. The Nether Star can be used to create a beacon, which is very useful to any Minecraft player
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
While the Ender Dragon and the Wither are the two more popular bosses, there is still another boss: the Elder Guardian. The Elder Guardian is very difficult to kill because of where it lives, which is underwater. The player must be equipped with a lot of armor, water-breathing potions, and Aqua Affinity armor to be able to defeat the boss.

Although Minecraft is mostly about building, exploring, and defeating the bosses, there is a lot more that can be done in Minecraft servers. There are thousands of different Minecraft servers that each have different activities.

The most popular kind of Minecraft server is a minigame server. These servers contain all kinds of games such as Capture the Flag, Paintball, Block Party, and much more!

There are also many other kinds of servers, such as modded servers. These servers contain several different mods that can completely change the gameplay of Minecraft! While mods can be played on servers, a user can also download mods for their single player world.

The last most popular type of Minecraft server is a Town Building or Survival server. These servers allow the player to build their own town, or simply join them!
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