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My guild wars 2 review

Guild Wars 2
It's an MMORPG that is is played by hundred thousands players.

It is a free-to-play game that has expansions you can buy to have access to more content.

Also, It has different varieties of classes that can be used to kill monsters, complete dungeons and stories and defeat huge bosses that give alot of rewards.Moreover, Character creation is really amazing. It is very detailed. Also the big map that is full of different worlds with different monsters and bosses. The game has different varieties of mounts that can be used to travel around the map, and you can buy miniatures(pets) that can fight along with you. You can upgrade your class with different builds, also there r different weapons for each class. There is an awesome PVP system. also, there are 50v50 matches that are called WorldvsWorld and that cannot be found in any other MMORPG. You can get new gear by defeating monsters. also, you can acquire overpowered gear by completing dungeons, raids, Fractal of the mists, and that is available in endgame.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

I joined the game three weeks ago. When i joined the game I immediately upgraded my account and bought the expansions, and I'm enjoying the game since then. The community is so friendly and also the fighting system is really great. Sound effects and map's music make make the game more exciting. I didn't get bored at all since i joined the game because what makes it more fun is the community. The game also has bosses that spawn randomly in different maps, These bosses spawn different rewards. When i reached a higher level i found out new things that i didnt even know it existed. Every time i get bored i find a new thing to grind or do. I really enjoy doing races with different mounts and the best thing is that u get rewards for winning in a race. The game has alot of content and many varieties of monsters, weapons, armors, headgears and much more.
I've spent around 250 hours and i think i'll spent much more time because of how much content is there. I don't regret buying the expansions because you have access to much more gears and content.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

In conclusion, the game is so amazing and has endless content. Also, the game has great music, sound effects, good graphics, Huge endgame, great stories. different methods to level up. varieities of skills. huge guilds. Balanced PvP system. endless content. different varieities of gear. mastery points that arent in any other MMORPG i've played. Also great PvP ranking system. Moreover, Community is so friendly and helpful. No toxicity.also, can be played by potato laptops and PCs. shops has really cheap items. Game isnt greedy. completely free-to-play. crafting is so nice there. different chat categories which make it easier for the person to communicate with other players. Balanced leveling system. When u go to lower level areas your health-bar percent changes and your damage, and in my opinion that prevents bullying because everybody will be equal. Also. there are many items that can be collected and converted into materials that is used to create items that are more powerful.

Overall the game is awe-inspiring.

5.0 (1)
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