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Grand Theft Auto V (B2P)
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How to become a GTA V Millionare and live the american dream!

Have you always wanted to buy that really expencive boat on GTA? Or ever wanted just to flash your cash around the streets of Los Santos? Well Hopefully this guide will help you on achiving your goal.

Yes GTA can be a scary place, and even scarier online with Online millionares, with all their fancy toys guns and vehicles. Well many people are looking for answers on why they can not earn so much as these players are!
Well hopefully below is your answer to becoming a GTA Legend.

If you think GTA is a massive open world, and well, your' correct. It is, but alot of people are finding new and inventive ways to make money on such a huge scale. And just as a word of warning, getting hacks, being given hacked/ cheated in money, and also 'glitches' do not work. IF they do work, you will be banned for a few weeks or a permenently. SO do please becareful when using these methods, and remeber if its too good to be true, it most likley is.
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A few methods tha arise may or may not occur on youtube, with millions of people scouting out missions that pay out huge ammounts and also finding glitches and error's with the game that might be an exploit to millions of dollars. Although this is somthing that you should not do as it can result in bans and other server consiquences, you can find ways that dont involve these methods.

Here is a few methods I came across that should beable to help you out!

1. Doing the 'Sell this car' method.

Although this might not earn you a boat overnight, if you have a few garages , you can collect the 'Baller' cars that look like Range Rovers, and store them in your garage. Every hour, you can sell 3 of these to Los Santos Customs. This selling cycle, will earn you 28k an Hour, And althogh this is quite bad to start with, it can be quite beneficial if you do it constantly. Mixed in with other methods in this guide, you will beable to make 28k Extra each our, which can buy you a car, or a new weapon from the shop.

2. The 'Mission Grind' Method.

Although some missions require certain levels, such as the 'Titan of a Job' mission that requires lvl 18, this job, taking 5-10 Miniutes per mission , can earn 7-10k per run through. Earning up to 60k an hour. Mixed into your Baller method above, you can be earning a minimum of 88k per hour, which is very good just for doing a mission. This can get boring, and people do make playlists that you can play trhough with friends (more money / xp) that just do high paying missions. Of course the higher the level you are, the more money you can earn, with missions such as 'Hell of a shot V2' that earns upto 34k a Mission, if you spend 20 mins. So this pays even more than the Titan of a Job mission. Although this is really boring, it also earn's you alot of money. Some playlists, like the one called 'Money Grind Mission List'. One play through last's around 1 hour, and earn's up to $120k per hour. This is quite alot for doing a few missions that you may or may not have ever done before. I do belive you have to be lvl 36 for this to occurr.

3. The 'Pro-Racer' Method.

The Pro-Racer method, this method can be done with random players, friends or just your self. The more players that you have in the lobby when doing these races, the more money you can earn. Also, if you pro-long the race, and take your time, this also earn's you more money as it pays on time aswell as skill. There are playlist's out there that include high tier / high earning races, that can be completed for 2-10k per race, that can last 2mins - 8 mins. So if we go a mid range of both, that's 6k per 5 mins, which is around 72k in your Los Santos Bank account per hour! This can be fun and really good with other players, but do be aware you would need to come atleast 3/6 to earn this ammount.

4. The 'Shark Card' Method

Although Shark Card's mean's paying real money for what you want, they can also be very good and the fast way to buy things. Depending on how much money your willing to invest into the game, Shark cards might be a really good option to get what you want FAST and Hassle free.

5. (NOT RECOMENDED) The 'Found a Hacker' Method.

This method is not recomended as it has some bad consiquences.

So this method is what alot of people are doing... more peopel are getting GTA V hacks as we speak, and they can drop money bags or 30k every time you put a foot on the ground Inside GTA. I had once found a hacker in a random lobby, and he was dropping cash on everyone's heads, the only way to escape was to leave GTA online. I had already recived over $700,000 before I realised what was happening, so I though if i was gonna stop, It would still be banned. Now as I said in the introduction , I did get banned, but only for 2 weeks for my first time breaking Rockstar's terms of service. Now Although this is a terrible and unleigtimate way, you could go wiht this method. I would strongly unadvise this because of its consiquences, and well, just incase peopel are wondering, My money was revoked , but I still got a Yacht out of it. If I had a choice to stop and go back to stop that hacker I would , because it stops the flow of the economy of GTA V.

6. This isn't a method but can really help you out!

Being good on online! Some people might offer you a mission that you wouldn't beable to do! And you can earn alot of money. And well, being good also has it's perks, you get Free money and RP when playing just online, it's not much but linked into everything in the above, can really benefit you in the long run!
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
As a final reminder of this guide, many people may find it a bit dificult to do. But don't worry, if you just play the game properly, and don't get hacked money in the game, you will get to what you want one of these days! It's just a matter of time. Even if its a Bunker that cost's 4 Million, you can still get it very fast and easy using all of the above such as farming up missions and buying Shark Cards.

If any of these methods are strange, or don't make sense, just let me know in the comments and I shall reply with some help that you might needed!

Also in the comments section, if you have any methods that I didn't list, put them in the comments and share it with everyone in the community!

Good Luck with the GTA V Money making guys, stay safe!

- All the best,
- King Scroob.
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