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Easy way to earn XP and Bananas! Really does Work Read Carefully

This game is simple! Easy to register. Confirms in 24hrs. Follow the wizard tab on the side and you can reach all the goals easily because all the quests that Bananatics gives you are already goals that you get guided through and rewarded for.

When you take your screenshots zoom out to 90%. This way the entire empire is visible and so is your username.

The white chat tab on the far right has a wiki tutorial that is very helpful. The last quest I received was complete 12 provinces. There is no easy tab to show that you have completed 12. When the province is complete it becomes just a regular part of the map you cant click on. It is a good idea to keep track of the ones you finish so you know how many you have achieved before submitting your screenshot.

The easiest way to gain currency in this game is to level up your buildings. Residences make you the most money but updating the workshops you get more tools in less time. You also get tools by completing quests in the wizard tab.
Gems are not given often. I wish I had saved the ones I was given to get more builders. They really are a necessity and 500 gems a builder is a lot when you are playing the game for free. I received 100 free for registering, 50 from a reward chest, and 50 for completing a wizard goal early in the game.
Also, the best way to get far in the game is to do lots of research. When you submit the knowledge points you then have to pay to unlock the next tier so save your resources and check in with the research tab first when you log in so you have maximum supplies with which you can unlock things. You need a lot of supplies so check the construction tab regularly to see if you can place more workshops or mines. Before you log out, set each workshop or supply station to a task that represents how frequently you are going to log in. If you are going to log in every day then before you go to bed select the 9-hour task.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

The screenshot shows a 90% zoom. You can see that my username in the game matches my Bananatics username. And you can see that finished provinces are just part of the map, to see that it is complete scroll over it to see a checkmark.

Also, you get a free knowledge point every hour as long as you have less than 10. So when you earn them in the provinces, use them as soon as you can so that you are still rewarded for the time that passes even when you are logged out. I like to achieve things while I am logged out so that all I have to do is click on things to meet goals.

When a checkmark appears to click on it because you get another task. Sometimes you will have already completed the next task and it automatically will be checked. Sometimes the game timing is off if you stay logged in a very long time. Refresh regularly to get maximum rewards in real-time. This is a very time-consuming game, take it one task at a time and make friends as soon as you can. Do not forget to check in every day

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

If there is one piece of advice about this game it is definitely to be very careful where you place your footpaths because moving them is doable but a very annoying and time-consuming task. Stay to the edges of each plot you open so you have maximum space to place buildings. For every residence, you have level-up every 2 days to keep up with the financial demands of the game. Also as soon as you can join a fellowship. The more you help people the more they will help you. When you help someone and they help you in return you get 1300 coins. You need as many coins as you can get when you first log in so that you don't need time to pass to earn more coins.

This game is easy but you do have to put in the regular time even if you just log in to collect supplies.
If you get stuck chat with the people in your fellowship, everyone is happy to help because the further you get the better the fellowship scores. If you rank well so does your fellowship. Working together makes it fun to trade things.

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