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National Geographic's Animal Jam Review

Animal Jam is a fun online game with a large community of players and a lot to do. It is also filled with educational videos and articles to read and watch, you can learn and play at the same time. While the game is targeted for younger children, that doesn't mean it shouldn't be played by anyone! There is a lot to do, whether it be dressing up your character, buying clothes, playing mini-games, talking to other players, or just exploring the map. One thing that I enjoy about Animal Jam is that there is so much to do. There is also a large community around the game, this means that no matter what crowd you're in, there's sure to be people that you enjoy hanging out with. This also means you'll never be bored or with out friends. One thing everyone has in common though, is their love for animals.
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Animal Jam is free to play, while you can buy things in the game it isn't necessary. If you play the mini-games within the game you can get most the same things VIP members can buy. There are benefits of being a member such as exclusive clothing items, dens and additional animals but that doesn't mean it's not fun to play as a regular player. One big part of Animal Jam is the customization of you character and house, or den. You can buy things for both your character and den at many stores which have a wide variety of things. You make money by playing mini-games, which are all super fun so it's a win win! You can also trade with other players. Sometimes you will even find more experienced players or just players who are generous enough to give you items for free. The items can range from cool clothes, to pets, to chairs and so much more!
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
The best part of Animal Jam, in my opinion, is all the people you can meet. There are some people you'll be friends with and others that you won't but either way there is no shortage of players who are always doing something different. You can go to your friends den's where you can hang out, throw parties, role play and much more. There are also people you can hang out with all over the map if you don't want to go to a den. There are sure to be people you get along with no matter who you are. Animal Jam is a fun, family friendly game that is educational and absolutely a blast to play. You can do a wide variety of things and meet new people. There are hours worth of free fun on this website and many friends to make. I would recommend it to anyone who like relaxed games and enjoys the social aspects of video games.
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Author RimmyTim
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