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Not tonight take back control edition switch review

Not tonight is a recent rpg game based on a alternate universe of events that may of happened due to Brexit. This game covers many dark elements like crime, discrimination, bad language and the selling of drugs so is definitely not appropriate for a younger audience. However for a older audience it can definitely be a unique game experience that can give insight into the lives of someone who has immigrated struggling to make ends meet using legitimate means. The game premise is relatively simple at the beginning as you get a job as a bouncer at the local bar and check the age on ID's and if the ID's are legitimate. Naturally however as the game progresses so does the difficulty as you are given more things to check for and analyse, you also receive more money based on amount let into the event which you will need for upgrades via outfits or for better living conditions. However this will only add to the difficulty as you are tempted to rush through people and it is very easy to miss something and get told off.

If you miss to many you will get your wages docked and if you continue eventually a game over for that level where you will receive no money and a minus to your social score. Social score is a huge factor in this game because if it reaches 0 you will be arrested and it will be game over for good and you need to restart from your best save point or restart. The social score can be damaged by missing a day to recover your health score, getting caught selling drugs or attempting to sell to the wrong people or simply messing up the polices jobs causes a instant game over. This is very brutal however realistic to the situation people can easily end up in. The only way to get a good ending is to help the resistance and using illicit methods meaning if you truly want a happy ending you cannot have a "pure" run of the game per say. However good ending or not it is a very interesting take on what could of been for some, there is also some recurring characters that you can learn to love or hate as the game progresses.

This game is likely inspired by the success of papers please as it shares similar themes and graphic styles so if you enjoyed paper please and want a similar experience id highly recommend this game. It is also priced relatively cheap compared to the price of the average switch game so that is certainly a benefit for gamers on a budget. The background music and characters are also unique and really help create a fun yet emotive game. There is also some post game as there is a section where you play one of the characters who had moved to France and becomes a bouncer that also sells drinks to eventually find love. I feel this is a very cute addition to an otherwise dark yet realistic game narrative. overall the controls of this game also run very smoothly and every power up is well balanced compared to what you want and the cost of getting it. My only slight complaint is when using the switch on a small tv some of the screen gets cut off meaning you can make mistakes through no fault of your own besides this however it is a solid game id recommend to a older audience.

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