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World of Tanks
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Surprising Outlook on an Old Game

World of Tanks is one of the first games I have ever played. It was the key to a whole new world for me. Previously, I was never really into games and was more of an outdoor person actively involved in sports. However, one day I happened upon World of Tanks at the recommendation of a friend and decided to give it a go and see how it went. At first, I thought it was stupid but was intent on getting better (guess my competitive nature transgressed) and kept playing. And soon enough, I started to become the guy who'd clutch the match or the guy who'd be the best support or etc. I ended up forgetting about the gaming and moving on to others but today, I found the game again. Looking back, the game has changed me in more ways than one and I would actively encourage all players who haven't tried it to go ahead and just give it a go and see what you think of it.
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After a while, I have finally managed to get good at this game haha. It was originally something I was childishly passionate about and now that same childishness is starting to come back. World of Tanks has improved tremendously as well. The developers have done an amazing job keeping the game true to its roots and still adding new material. The nation vs nation aspect is also something I quite enjoyed back then and I am glad to still see it. Overall, I'm starting to get the feel of the game once again and am not disappointed. Wargaming has done a splendid job and the maps give me a nostalgic feeling to top it all off. I will continue to play this game for a little and determine whether or not I should continue but from the looks of it, I think I'll be hooked onto the PVP tank action once again.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
I'm finally hooked again! World of Tanks has reeled me in once more and I now find myself grinding this game. I originally started playing for the "bananas" I would receive but am now finding myself enjoying the game thoroughly. I do hope there is a competitive aspect to this game or "esports" side and if there is, I would be thrilled to try to grow in there. For now, though, I will be focusing on just learning the fundamentals completely and doing my best in the matches. Hopefully, if I get to a level to be competitive, the scene will be sufficient enough for me. Nothing entertains me more than a good contest and seeing that in video games is something I have always loved. But I'm getting too ahead of myself. I will be focusing on World of Tanks for a little while and see where that takes me. For now, though, peace out!
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Author Zpanther
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