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Is roblox good for kids?

Roblox is a very popular game that is played on many platforms. Parents are probably wondering if Roblox is a good and safe place for their children. The answer is Yes! I’ll show you the reason why I personally think roblox is good for kids over 10 and vote it a 4.5 I hope you will enjoy this review but I again repeat this is all what I personally think it’s my you should be the one deciding if your children can play roblox since roblox is one game with thousands of other games in it and some are completely for kids some aren’t so if you do permit your children to play always check what they play and who they add since hackers can easily hack them and get there belongings and robux. Many children get hacked and you should be alarmed that roblox is not 100% safe. Roblox is also good for adults, adults can play this game too it has all sort of games you can try out horror, building, action, story games and way more you can play with your children too! It would be a really fun time and can build relationship with your children

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Roblox has put tags if you try to write inappropriate comments and numbers so people won’t share their phone numbers or usernames. Online dating, Swearing, Bullying and etc will be banned you just need to report the player who does these. You can even play roblox with friends and add friends so your children can play with their friends and get online friends! Just be careful with who your children becomes online friends with they might be hackers, hackers can track down your location get your children’s robux if they do have some or use your children for what they have or how they play. Roblox games aren’t all made by roblox, people buy builders club to make game so people might make inappropriate games or many fun great games. Your children can make games too! When they make games and game passes they earn robux and you won’t have to buy them more (robux isn’t a need in roblox it’s just the roblox money so you can edit your avatar or get gamepasses)

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

There are some bad things about Roblox too, players are finding ways to online date, bully, swear and etc by using combinations of numbers and letters for example d8 = date or they write bi.......cth = b*tch or etc some people even lie about who they are and catfish so they can get things like in adopt me people act like a youtuber and get free pets there are scammers too they can scam your children. Roblox even has clothing glitches ur clothing wont come on and people use it to be na*ed that is very inappropriate but nothing really bad will show if you think your kids mature enough to ignore or report them and go on playing roblox to find friends and have fun and won’t online date bully swear go against the rules then roblox is a great game so at the end of the day roblox could be safe but not always I personally think people older than 10 should play if there parents permit them to. I rate roblox a 4.5 out of a 5. I hope you enjoyed reading this and allow your children to play roblox

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