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Cunt Wars Adult
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Introduction to good classic and fantastic game

"My first class, Sniper when I pulled out my rifle and ready for a match to start. Gates open and I landed my first headshot, I heard some noises from above, I quickly grabbed my machete and prepared for the worst. I saw scout coming to my back, seemed suspicious and as I recalled it was the devil himself the spy. I quickly went for a strike, and yes I striked him good. Spy was laying in his own blood but my instincts told me he's not done yet, he swept in the texture went invisible no human eye can see... Speaking of a devil, I went back to fight for my last point only sound you hear is cart grinding and not soon enough I got stabbed. Not long after the stab we lost."

Now in this review, I'm going to go through game basic character stuff and few game modes.
Which include their basic information about equipment and abilities and the same for the game modes just the basic stuff.
Team Fortress 2 is a game with a lot of things to write of but this is just an introduction to the game.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Team Fortress 2 is free to play the game you can get on the steam store.

In this game, you can choose 9 classes which include: Scout, Soldier, Pyro, Demoman, Heavy, Engineer, Medic, Sniper, Spy.

Now let's take a look what each of the classes posses:

Scout - His ability is fast running and double jumping which makes him the fastest class in this game. He has a primary, secondary and melee weapon slot:

Primary: Scattergun

Secondary: Pistol

Melee: Baseball Bat

Soldier - His ability is rocket jumping. He has a primary, secondary and melee weapon slot:

Primary: Rocket Launcher

Secondary: Shotgun

Melee: Shovel

Pyro - His ability is to burn the players, and he is a spy's worst enemy. He has a primary, secondary and melee weapon slot:

Primary: Flame Thrower

Secondary: Shotgun

Melee: Fire Axe

Demoman - His ability is to place mines. He has a primary, secondary and melee weapon slot:

Primary: Grenade Launcher

Secondary: Sticky Bomb

Melee: Whiskey Bottle

Heavy - Has no special ability, but he is the strongest class in terms of health. He has a primary, secondary and melee weapon slot:

Primary: Minigun

Secondary: Shotgun

Melee: Bare Fists

Engineer - His ability is placing machines ( Dispenser, Sentry gun, Teleporters). He has a primary, secondary and melee weapon slot and two action slots:

Primary: Shotgun

Secondary: Pistol

Melee: Wrench (repair tool)

Action slot: Construction PDA

Action slot 2: Destruction PDA

Medic - His ability is to heal teammates. He has a primary, secondary and melee weapon slot:

Primary: Syringe Gun

Secondary: Medi Gun

Melee: Bonesaw

Sniper - His ability is charging up a sniper to deal more damage. He has a primary, secondary and melee weapon slot:

Primary: Sniper Rifle

Secondary: SMG

Melee: Machete

Spy - His ability is cloak and doing backstabs which can kill every class. He has a primary, secondary, melee weapon, building slot, and two action slots:

Primary: Revolver

Secondary: Knife

Action slot: Disguise Kit

Action slot 2: Invis Watch

Building: Sapper

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Also in this game, you can customize your ( with hats and other accessories ) characters, all of the nine classes. By playing the game (any game mode) you get weapon drops. The game includes microtransactions. You don't have to buy anything, microtransactions are just cosmetics and paints and skins for your equipment.

The game includes a lot of game modes including:

Attack/Defense - In this game mode you can choose one of two teams, Blu/Red. Every team has its own three checkpoints, whichever team captures all of the checkpoints wins also you can recapture captured checkpoints.

Capture the flag - This is a simple game mode where both teams protect their own intelligence (flags) and both teams have to capture their enemies flag (steal the flag from the enemy base and bring it to their base).

Control points - This game mode is similar to Attack/Defense but in this case, the enemy can capture the point and it's no longer recapturable.

King of the hill - In this game mode you have one checkpoint and both teams have to achieve most time holding the checkpoint to win.

Payload - In this game mode one team has to push the cart to the enemy base and while doing so, you will go through few control points (enemy spawns) and the other team defends.

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