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My take on DOTA2 these days

So what exactly is Dota 2? It is a competitive session-based multiplayer in which two opposing teams aim to eliminate the other. Each player controls a hero that he must develop by improving his skills and buying his equipment.
The classic Dota 2 mode contains two factions, Radiant and Dire, which at the beginning of the match are placed on opposite sides of the map. Each faction must defend and maintain its bases that contain a multitude of important buildings, including a central structure called Ancient. The faction bases are connected by three roads called Lanes, which are guarded by a series of towers and units called creeps that cross the lanes and attack everything in their path.

Valve set out to give us a good-looking game and it worked out. They say that the graphics are based on the famous Source engine, but I don't believe them, because this game looks incredible. I'm not the most knowledgeable person in the field of graphics, but at least I'm able to see the talent, skill, and passion when I come across them. Most production companies avoid introducing advanced graphics into a multiplayer game due to compatibility and connection issues that may arise. I don't know how they came out and why I'm still surprised because Valve has a whole history of well-polished, bug-free, bug-free, and other technical issues.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Using one of seven selection modes (All Pick, Random Draft, Single Draft, Captain's mode, All Random, Least Played, Limited Heroes), you can choose one of the 102 heroes currently available. Throughout the match, your job is to kill crepes and enemy heroes, to advance in level, to develop your hero and not to die in vain, otherwise you will have many good wishes from your team. Being a team game, communication and group work are very important. Thus, players must work together to advance on the lanes and prevent the other team from invading their territory. This mechanic has both a good and a bad side - being so dependent on your team, a poorer performance from a teammate or even the slightest mistake can turn the fate of the match in favor of the opposing team.

The heroes are divided into three major and broad categories: Strength, Intelligence and Agility. The style of play and the right equipment for your character depend a lot on these three parameters, so I would advise you to consult a good guide before trying a new hero.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Like any self-respecting MOBA, Dota 2 also includes an economical mini-system. To buy items you need gold, which is obtained at a low frequency. To enlarge it, you must eliminate crepes and enemy heroes. Short on two. And not so much, because these crepes can kill you very quickly if you're not helped by a teammate or allied crepes. The same principle applies to enemy heroes, obviously, who can turn you into their main source of currency at the speed of light. To make us curse our days lived and not lived in this world with even more passion, Dota 2 has a small and important feature called deny. In short, it allows the elimination of crepes and allied towers to nullify the money and experience that the opposing team would have gained in the event that it eliminated them. You can only imagine what it means to have an experienced opponent who simply cancels EVERYTHING for you...

Dota 2 is the younger brother of the original, which will soon surpass it in complexity and number of players. Is he a worthy successor? Yes. It's perfect? No, nothing is perfect. But Valve brings it closer to perfection by launching weekly patches to fix bugs, balance the game and introduce new heroes. It is a complex and tactical game that offers a lot of satisfaction once you gain experience and learn to play with a decent number of heroes.

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