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World of Tanks
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My impression and basic things about World of Tanks

I first heard of World of Tank's mobile version World of Tanks Blitz I downloaded that game and really liked it later I found out that it was a mobile version and the real game was World of Tanks. I got interested in Wot so i downloaded it I already had a Wargaming account so I logged in. I had pretty good progress in Wot Blitz but sadly if you have a tank in Wot Blitz you won't have it in Wot. When I launched Wot First i noticed that the graphic's were bad I quickly changed the setting and it was beautiful. Already knowing how to play I hoped into battle, but that match did not last long I knew how to play but i did not know the map and all the tanks cause there are lot more tanks in Wot than Wot Blitz. So my first match was not good but i kept on playing cause I knew from my Wot Blitz experience that everyone starts as a noob and i you keep on playing you will eventually become better and better. I am still playing the game I really enjoy it it has a lot of tanks and a lot of maps. Wot became ten years old his year so there is a celebration in Wot for the whole year. Wargaming always implements new tanks, new gamemodes,new maps, new events. If you like tanks join this games great tanker community!

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Gameplay: in Wot there are two teams each team has 15 players but only one team can win. if you want to win whit your team you need to capture the base or destroy all the enemy tanks. If we are talking about tanks there is a lot of them in Wot and each of them has it's own tier and class. There are ten tiers you start whit a tier one tank as you play you get exp and credits exp is used to research new module for your tank or research a new tank credits are used to but the researched module or the researched tanks. Each tank has it's own class too there are five classes: Tank Destroyer, Arty, Heavy Tank, Medium Tank and Light Tank. Each of them have their own abilities and disabilities. The tank destroyers (TD's) usually don't have a turret. They have can have a little armor or better armor or heavy armor. Their mobility usually depends on the armor and the gun if the gun is big that means it is heavy and if it is heavy it slows down the tank and tank destroyers usually have a big gun whit good penetration and good shell velocity. TD's usually camp in bushes and wait for their team to spot an enemy. Arties have a huge gun low hit points, bad mobility and they lack of armor but htese tanks don't belong in the front line. When arty players enter sniper mode they will see the map from top it is cause htey tank have a good gun elevation and they only need to stay in the spawn aim on the enemies and just shoot.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Heavy tanks have big guns and good armor expect the french heavies. Alll the other heavies have pretty bad mobility. Medium tanks have a decent armor and a decent mobility their gun is like a smaller version of the heavy tanks guns. Light tank don't have armor but they are very mobile and have a gun like the medium tanks. Light tanks have a very strange type and those are the wheelers those tanks have wheels instead of tracks but you can still damage their wheels to slow them down they have no armor but a very good mobility and they can go whit the same seed forwards and backwards. Each tanks have modules and crew members if a module gets damaged or destroyed players can fix it whit repair kits they fix automatically after some time but they won't be functioning as good as before. Enemies can kill or hurt your crwmemebers you can heal them up by a med kit. if a crew member gets hurt he will still do his job but not as efectively but if a crew member gets killed then he won't heal up automatically only if the players uses a med kit. There are different game modes like Rating Battles, Random Battles and more. Players can join clans play in tournaments and much more!

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