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FapCEO: Spearhead A Naughty Empire!

I've never been too big a fan of Hentai games... Like most people, I don't often see myself playing them, under casual circumstances. However, when I stumbled across FapCEO, I realized how uniquely funny some of them can be, as it opened me up to interpretation, like any good game should do for its genre. Initially, I started playing it purely for the bananatic quests, but later saw myself cumming back to it for my own enjoyment. The game has an addicting rhythm that gets you hooked after awhile... Whether it be for self-pleasure, or personal enjoyment, you may yet find yourself at the merciless hands of FapCEO!

So, what is FapCEO? Well, it's a clicker game wherein you're the CEO of a sex chat empire. You hire girls, participate in events, click your mouse button, sell the company, and repeat! That's the structure, goal, and aim of the game. Like any standard clicker, it's got its own gimmicks to keep you interested and satisfied during your playtime.

Starting off, you hire employees of your choosing from a list. Once hired, they do your biding for you — or you do your biding for yourself, using them... Video chats icons appear above your girls' heads when they can be clicked for cash. During that time, you're inclined to spam your left mouse button for maximized currency. As time goes on, you'll be able to upgrade your girls, in turn receiving more money from them. Once you've reached an ever-increasing threshold for level-ups, you'll gain access to the 'sell company' function, which provides you with a clean slate and wipes your previous company, but also gives you an upgrade point for your skill tree, and special money with which you can increase certain skills among each of the girls. These skills increase the girls' multipliers for extra incum and company profits. You can also chat with each of the girls; they all have multiple different conversations, each providing you with a saucy picture once completed.

The developers also commonly host events that allow you to get special limited time images, animations, and girls to further boost your empire's sustainability. These events typically consist of some pretty basic stuff, often involving your left mouse button... Despite not being the most innovative in terms of gameplay mechanics, FapCEO boasts a neat treat for those who want to beat their meat, alongside casual video game addicts.

The longer you play FapCEO, the harder it gets — and the harder you get... Until it becums easy, that is. If I had to draw a connection between it and some other category of gaming, I'd correlate it with mobile gaming, for the strenuous wait times and microtransactions as are commonly found in pocket games — but it also satisfies the same primitive need for entertainment! The game is pretty enjoyable for checking in on every once in a while; I recommend it to people who are interested in the Hentai genre, or are open to try it out.

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