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Forge of Empires
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Empires Empires EMPIRES!

So what is Forge of Empires? Well Forge of Empires is a game where you are placed in charge of creating a Empire from a small stone age village. The game offers a variety of play styles, if you are like me and love building an army and just dominating your opponents then you will very much enjoy FoG (Forge of Empires) the battle mechanic is simple and there is always room or tactics, if you enjoy creating a spear wall or charging in with you horse men there is always a battle style to match your wishes. Of course if you wish for the building and creation side of the game look no further FoG allows you to build up without using little to no combat so you are free to just build up your empire using resources you gather making you a huge addition to any clan as you will be the main trader and the power house behind maintaining your allied army. This game can be played both casually and hard core seriously due to its ability to allow the player to go at its own pace so its a game you can always come back to.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
So lets begin. Firstly you perform the tutorial and from it gain a shed loads of diamonds which are necessary in early game progression as you can go either two ways. You can save them or spend them to instantly speed up the progression of your empire. At first you will feel that the progression is not there however as you get to the Iron age that is when you will feel a sense of accomplishment. Best thing about FoG has got to be the simplicity of building up the Empire so you should definitely zoom through the research tree as quickly as possible in order to get through the most challenging stuff later on. Personally i recommend doing all of the military research first as it gives you a good army to progress with and conquer territories which eventually grant bigger expansions for your empire.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
As you progress through the game it is best to keep a modern army as eventually the troops you once thought were super cool and awesome are now very weak in comparison to their more modern counterparts that is why players should always try to keep on top of the modernisation tree as it can be the difference between maintaining you Empire or being over run by enemies who defeat your garrisoned troops without a problem. Lastly ensure that you get into a clan as soon as possible as it will benefit new players tons. Imagine being attacked my numerous players and boom your clan mates are there to save you as most clans are consisted off more experienced players who will help and support newbies in their growth. I have been saved from many close call situations thanks to being in a clan.
Over all FoG is a excellent game and a good game to prepare younger and newbies to this genre of online empire building games as INNO games are a excellent games creator with other great and similar titles such as Grepolis.
I wish you all best of luck in this game and hope you enjoy it as much as i have.
Tester77 ((o)))
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Author Tester77
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