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Apex Legends Review 2022 IMO by zFected

It’s fun but dang is it hard. This so much happening all around you. It’s nice because you have so many characters to choice from and so many guns. Honestly I’m not much of a gamer but this game makes me want to get better. Free multiplayer battle royale with loads of Champions to chose from, each with their own set of special abilities for your favorite kind of playstyle. Group up with friends and kill all the other squads to place #1 and show people you have the skills to be the best. Great game to play competitively or to relax and have a good time with the pals.. Have to say I was never a Fortnite fan, but the 3-player squads make this game super fun. The ping system is great for communicating with your comrades, and I like how difficult it is to get a kill, it gets rid of the random cross-map sniper campers. Plus it's free, so who can argue with that! from PC to console to even Switch as of this coming fall, 2022. Nearly 700s of gameplay in and not stopping anytime soon, highly recommended!

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It's scary but I played this game over 900 hours I feel after that much play time I would be wrong to give it anything less then 5 out of 5 game caught us out of nowhere and I feel changed battleroyales forever before I start I have to say it's Season 9 and I been here from the beginning it's that one game where I always come back with my boys and definitely my favorite from Battleroyales it's a game that you depend on your team to be there to help so it takes a Learning carb when you coming from other battleroyales and like always Game on Gamers. So many features each player (Legend) has its own special abilities, I just started playing a week ago and I am now on level 18 my main character is Lifeline! I would definitely recommend, my husband actually got me to start playing cause he loved it so much!!! I got this new skin from an Apex pack! That’s Gibraltar I’m not sure if that’s how his name is spelt! the only flaw and badly managed many server bugs with poor bit rates and sometimes with crashes not optimized at best for AMD ... but what about a game like this until now there are none

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

I've been playing this game since it first came out but, no I don't have the bald-headed wraith, but I have a lot of the legendary skins. The only downside all I have will be haven’t got an heirloom, but it's okay because I will still play the game every day. I manage to make a YouTube channel and, met new friends online. I am a PS4 console but, I do play with Xbox and computer consoles sometimes it can be meet with negative people playing but, I am so happy that you can use mute, but I still managed to meet so many positive and influencers buy this game. I'm so happy that I did download this game. I really love that every character has different abilities but, at the same time it doesn't matter about the character, it matters that you can aim well and know about the gun, power, and loadout. I really wanted to say thank you so much Apex Legends for making seasons Continue every year. They make me more excited to play every season.It may be tough at first but give it time. Different legends with different abilities for all types of team combinations. May you be the last team standing.

5.0 (1)
Author zfected
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