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The Most Unique Survival Game, Rust

Rust started in 2013, published by Facepunch Studios. I loved playing Rust (Legacy), it was very fun and popular but thanks to lots of support, bad graphics and tons of cheaters Facepunch Studios decided to start building a new Rust, a better one. The new Rust was published in 2018. The game is very unique, I had lots of fun playing with a few friends and trying to survive.

Even tho the new Rust had new graphics they keep adding updates and updates eventually they managed to build a really good game. They added boats, horses, new guns, helicopters, electric systems and many more. Rust is one of my favorite games, I love survival games in general but Rust has something special, it might be the community or just the game in general.

In Rust, there are tons of clans, if you play solo the whole game is going to be a lot harder but not impossible if you are a good shooter. I love this aspect of the game, being able to make new friends but make sure you won't be stabbed in the back by those new friends. I love the fact that you can build almost everywhere, there is also a system called stability, it works like gravity, thanks to that you can't build stuff in the air, floating.

Another thing I love about Rust is the fact that you have skins, I personally like skins even tho I know is just pixels. You can buy skins from the Steam Market. I usually like to play Rust with a few friends, is a lot easier and fun, we can make jokes, fight together and grow closer.

Remember, in Rust, the most important thing is to have fun, guns and other stuff get wiped at the end of the month so try to make as many friends as possible and have fun.

Now I'm going to talk about the things I don't like about Rust. -One of the biggest problems of Rust is cheating, there are lots of cheaters in Rust and the Devs don't seem to want to upgrade their anti-cheat.

-They made the system requirements to high for medium computers, that's not a problem for everyone but in order to get a good experience you have to own a good computer.

-Another big problem is the toxic players, they will scream and overall be salty if you kill them and take their stuff. But overall if you have a few friends to play with you should definitely give it a shot, it costs 30 euro on Steam Store and maybe you should try to wait for a sale if that's too expensive but if you have the money is worth a shot.

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