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How to Beat Minecraft

Wooden Age

Alright you've created a new world and you feel lost seeking left and right for an objective to pop up ,but alas there is an objective "Punch down a tree".

What? How does one get about doing this you may ask ,easy its a game don't question it too much. There are a lot of things this game has in store that will surprise you even more. Punch down a nearby tree to collect its wooden logs or begin your search for trees. After completing this frivolous task proceed to turn your logs into planks, by entering your inventory and putting your logs into the crafting section, and make your first step towards crafting by putting wooden planks into a 2x2 shape crafting yourself a crafting bench/table. Equip it into your hotbar and place it down with right click. By right clicking the crafting table a menu will open up. You can craft manually or by recipe by clicking the green book. First thing we will need is a wooden pickaxe, to craft one we have to first craft some stick by placing wooden planks in a 2x1 formation and afterwards use the leftover wood to craft the pixaxe. You now need to fill the top row of the crafting menu with wooden planks and put 2 sticks down the middle making a pickaxe shape in the crafting table. Now all you have to do is find stone by digging some dirt or by entering a cave.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Stone Age

Next up after collecting a decent amount of cobblestone it is time to craft a stone pickaxe and some other tools. The stone pickaxe is crafted the same way as the wooden one just replace the wooden planks with cobblestone. I would recommend using the recipe feature for crafting until you get used to crafting. You will need a sword, an axe, a shovel and a furnace to start your adventure. You can now either look for food by killing animals or farming(craft a hoe and right click dirt or grass near water and plant seeds you find by punching grass) or you might want to go explore a cave to look for iron and coal. Upon finding coal first thing you will want to craft is a torch and it is crafted with a stick and a piece of coal on top of it. Now you can right click on a wall and finally see something. After collecting some iron and coal I recommend going to the surface and making a temporary base where your crafting bench, furnace and chest will be. There you will want to smelt your iron and perhaps cook some food if you have any. You can use wood as fuel in the furnace if you have no coal, but you can also craft charcoal by cooking logs in the furnace as well.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Explorative Age

You have enough iron to craft an iron pickaxe and some armour. Now is the time to look for the famous Minecraft diamonds and you can do so by digging deeper , way deeper. You will know you are at diamond level if you see redstone but a more reliable method is to press F3 and check that you are at 11 or 12 on the Y axis. But be careful and always bring a bucket of water with you in case of an unexpected lava encounter. After enough time and digging you should be able to find your first diamonds. Make sure to spend them wisely because they are super rare at the start of the game. I would recommend crafting a diamond pickaxe and the finding a lava pool and then covering it with water. The newly created black block that is only mineable with a diamond pickaxe is obsidian and you will need 16 of it. You will need 4 for the enchantment table and 12 for a Nether portal. Although I do not recommend going into the nether without making a library for your enchantment table and enchanting your gear. The portal is built 3x4 and ignited by a flint and steel which is crafted with one iron and one flint in a diagonal pattern. This is where you start your explorative adventure and go and seek blaze rods and other cool things you can find in the nether. As a final hint I will tell you of a stronghold found deep underground only discoverable with eyes of ender crafted from ender pearls and blaze powder and you will right click them until they would start sinking beneath the surface that is when you start digging and where you find the portal and after placing the ender pearls in their slots will be teleported to the End where you will fight the Ender Dragon. After shooting the tips of the pillars with a bow you will be able to slay the mighty dragon and beat Minecraft. This is where this guide ends and you are left to explore, mine, build whatever you like. The sky is the limit and if you mod Minecraft not even that good luck on your adventures.

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