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League of Legends
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MOBA(Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) and League of Legends a game that never dies

League of legends we can all admit that is a cool game that still keep a descent amount of players since 27 October 2009 that is the day that league of legends first released.This game is one of the best game in the category MOBA, it has a really big history and alot of tournaments that hit really big number in twitch and other site that Riot broadcast. Now you might ask, what is Riot, well riot is the company that create League of Legends, its a strong company with good developers and very helpfull support team.Riot games also release a brand new game called TFT (Team Fight Tactics) this game is not a MOBA but its based on the League of Legends champions its like auto chess but with Leauge of Legends champions, its a chill game based on logic and mechanics of League of Legends and really good to spend your time.Riot have made alot more games like Stonehearth, cyborg 009 and a really old game the Valis: The Fantasm Soldier but the best game they made was League of legends the game that never dies.....

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

WHAT IS MOBA: MOBA ( Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) is a video game category that got really popular when a game got released called: Aeon of strife. But the biggest popularity got DotA.That game make the differnce until League of Legends came out of no where and made numbers of players that no one ever seen before.

MOBA is pretty much games that are players in a map and fighting each other every player have his own champion or hero and he can pick different one the tarfet of the game is always different depends on that game you play MOBA is also strategy game you have to play with team spirit and kill your enemys to collect gold and upgrade your hero in game. also moba is usually not p2w because when you get in a match everything is from the start. it usually exist a shop in game and a currency that all the players gather to upgrade themselfs and get stronger soo they can beat the enemy team as fast as they can. players can queue together and play premade games but if you dont have someone to queue up, dont worry MOBA games finds for you randoms.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Soo now lets talk about the League of Legends gameplay, League of legends got over 145 released champions, in a summoners rift map the basic League of Legends map you will find 5 roles: midlaners,junglers,toplaners,botlaners and off curse supports now lets talk about those roles.

Toplaner: that role is pretty much like mid lane but this time you fight 1v1 in the top lane of the map, in this lane the usually that you will see, its tanks,and damage players

Midlaner: is a role that like the name says you fight in the mid lane of the map in 1v1 with your enemy, usually mages and high damage players get in that lane.

Botlaner(ADC): this role is really hard because you have to dont lose a single minion so he can gather gold to get items and do more damage, ADC needs to do damage because thats his role Attack Damage Carry mean that it does all the damage and carry the team with the damage but pretty much all theADCs are high damage champions and ranged but really low health.

Jungler: this role is to hard for one reason, he need to do alot of stuff ass fast as he can, he need to kill the dragons farm his jungle and gank his teamates.Let me explain it better jungler usually stays in the area called jungle and farm/kill the monsters. there is 4 small camps and 2 buffs, small camps are just for xp and gold but the 2 buff camps give you some stuff the 2 buffs called Blue and Red the blue gives you 10% CDR and mana regen and the red one give you burst damage and slow to the enemys, off course those buffs stay with you for a descent amount of time and then they just expire. Ganking mean when you going in your teamates lane and helping him kill his enemy.and dragon is a big monster that gives you and teamates a perma buff (depends on what dragon you kill)

Support: this role is in the bottom with ADC and help it kill the enemys they usually have shelds and heals that help the whole team they dont kill minions and they dont get any kills at least thats what they are supposed to do, but they hame items that help them gather gold.

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