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Pokémon dungeon explores of time review

Pokémon dungeon explorers of time is a older spin off in the Pokémon franchise that was the other half of a duo of spin off games. The game is a dungeon crawler with a bit of strategy mixed in combined with the cute and touching graphics and characters that made Pokémon as infamous as it is in the gaming world. The plot of the game is very simple at the beginning with you being a human recently turned Pokémon with no memories of your human life other than the knowledge you were human and you chosen name. You then encounter your partner who takes you to the main town square. While the plot does thicken considerably you will have to wait until the middle of the game for it to do so. Furthermore while this game is suitable for all ages I believe you can appreciate the borderline genius plot and handle the battles to come better if you are a bit older than a child or just happen to be talented with dungeon crawlers or have experience handling dungeon games and the Pokémon franchise as a whole.

The design of the game and dungeon regions respectively is rustic and unique which each area having a unique soundtrack to suit its specific environment. Considering this games age it is very well designed in terms of graphics however if you are looking for even semi realistic graphics this will not be your game of choice and I would recommend passing on this game. There is a lot to do in this game even before you step foot in the dungeon. There is the market where you can exchange coins you find in the dungeons for items to enter the dungeon with to assist you on your travels, these change every day in game slightly. There is also a storage and bank to deposit and withdraw your money and items or keep them safe as you journey. There is also the move tutor partner selections and more. You also have the option to select missions within the dungeons before you enter to earn specified rewards. Of course the reward increasing in value according to the difficulty of the mission regarded in the request on the board

While this game is a strategy dungeon crawler there is also a big element of luck whether your dungeon escapades are fruitful or not. When you move done a floor in the dungeons the stair placement along with things such as items traps and enemies seems to be randomly generated. This in my experience can be a mixed bag as you may end up with no enemies and the staircase on the spawned room or end up trapped multiple times and have to travel the whole dungeon floor to find the stairs. There is also the annoyance of losing half your items randomly and all money you earned in the dungeon, however annoying as it may be I am happy they kept this mechanic in future versions of this game as it adds to the challenge. Secondly it's playtime is longer than the main series games with a slightly more enhanced difficulty this may be a top selling point to some people but a turn off for other people looking for shorter playing games with less of a challenge. However even if there are more recent versions if you want to know where Pokémon dungeon crawlers began then i would highly recommend this game and i wish you luck on your journey,

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