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League of Legends
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League of Legends, a nice experience.

So i just finished my League of Legends experience, after two years of playing League I came here to review it for you. League is a very interesting and competitive game, but it's get boring too fast for me. After tow years all I can say is that I can't play it anymore, I am sitting in lobby for 30-60 minutes just to think what I will play, a very bad experience. At first the game it's very funny and enjoyable, but it gets boring, at least for me. Do I recommend it? Totally, if you want to play a game with your friends and have a lot of fun, now I am playing the game only with my friends, very rarely. As for the developers ? They are so bad at communicating with the community, they make changes to the game without even thinking about the community and that's so bad. I had so many friends that left the game because of the developers. They started thinking more about the money than the community, but that's okay if u want to play for fun because it kinda makes the game more fun for a little bit.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Another good thing about the game is rotating game mode that can be so fun and enjoyable that I come back just for them. They started making some good game modes and some weird ones. If u want to play competitive I suggest you to wait a little bit because now the game is basically unplayable form a competitive perspective. Competitive isn't fun, everyone is raging no one is trying, it's basically a mess. I don't suggest you going to play competitive. You can play competitive only if u have a full team. But that's kinda hard because everyone is giving up on league and going to another game and that's sad because league was such a great game, it was competitive and so fun, you could play and get a team that actually wants to win, not just a bunch of monkeys that wants to make u rage, but that's the community. Streamers are always complaining, but no one cares, the community is complaining, no one cares, pro players are complaining, no one cares, the game developers want just money.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Last words. In conclusion the game is great if u want to have fun but garbage if u want to play competitive. If u have friends that wants to play with you just go for it, download it, install it and start playing, otherwise search for another game if you want to play competitive. On the other side, if u want to have fun go for it, but i warn you, you will get bored of playing "offmeta" builds and just forget about the game, if u are like me, else , ummm , they ruined the rotating game modes when they removed weekly game modes. The best thing about this game it's the game itself, not the community, not the developers nothing but the game itself. You can also play competitively against other teams via the clash game mode that broke in the beta, now they want to add it back and it sounds like something very cool, something that I won't experience because I am not coming back to this game only to waste more time in lobby or being active in game for hours but playing few matches, I am done.

5.0 (1)
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