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How to get 1500 throphies fast

When you first load into brawl stars u should do the tutorial as fast as possible. And when you have done it load into a game of solo showdown. When you have everything ready and ur in a game try to hide and dont try to kill anyone or destroy a chest. Just wait the games out until you have 15 throphies. When you have 15 throphies u finally get 2 brawlers. This is important since when u have low throphies on a brawler it’s easy to play. I recommend only playing on one of the brawlers until u start to feel the game being hard. When you reach 30 throphies u can pick if u want to play gem grab or continue playing solo showdown. Playing gem grab and solo showdown they are both practise so there is no best option. If you chose gem grab then you have to get gems in the middle of the map where they spawn. And u have to be careful and not die with any gems. To win ur team has to have 10 gems for 15 seconds. This game mode is easier to win since it’s a 50% chance of winning. But in solo showdown u can get 10 throphies for a win and there is almost no chance of losing throphies.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

When you finally reach the 250 throphies mark then u should play gem grab and brawl ball with you highest throphie brawlers since it’s a bit easier to win. But with your lower throphie brawlers keep playing solo showdown since it’s with really bad players. It’s also important to not have a brawler with much more throphies then the others since it then will be super hard playing that brawler and easy playing other brawlers. The most important thing in Brawl Stars are the quests since when you reach 300 throphies u can do a thing called a quest. This is very important since u get so many of those tokens used for the brawl pass. The brawl pass gives out amazing rewards and when you do the brawl pass u can get rewards like new brawlers tons of coins and stuff like that. The coins are important for upgrading brawlers so don’t waste them on brawlers that have more throphies than 250. When u get 500 throphies u get a new brawler and this is now ur fifth brawler and u will get more in the furure. When you have 500 throphies try to use all the brawlers so that u can get an advantage in the future.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

When u reach 800 throphies u get a lot more game modes that u can try out and this will give u a huge boost so u should try them out. If you want to play with your friends and make a clan with them u gotta have 900 throphies. When u get 900 throphies then you can not only join clubs but u can also chat and play clan war in the clan u are in. The clan feature will help u grow since u can get good rewards in the clan games with only participating u dont have to win as long as u use all the tickets u get everyday. And when you get 1000 throphies u get ur 6th brawler and this brawler will be enough together with the other 5 ones to get 1500 throphies. The strategy u have to do is go to a bush then stay there until there is only 2 more people left and then just let them kill u. Or u can stay in the bush until there is 4 more people alive then try to kill everyone. I recommend doing the first strategy if u feel that u aren’t good at the game or if u think it won’t work. And after u have gotten 1000 throphies u have to use one of those strategies until u hit 1500 throphies.

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