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Riot delete yummi or change its ability

Why is his champion in the game still? Unnecessary support just frustrates the botlane and makes ranked games bad. 0 skills 0 couterplay.

Yuumi is a support character from league, she’s a talking cat, riding a book.

Yuumi’s main ability is attaching to allied champions (she loses personal movement while attached), buffing them and herself, additionally while attached Yuumi cant be targetted except by very specific mechanics/situations

her first ability is a magic missile essentially, it deals increased damage + a portion of the targets current hp if it traveled for 1 second, if she’s attached to an ally, she can instead direct how the missile moves instead of it being a straight line attack

her 3rd ability is a heal with movement speed boost and attack speed boost for herself, if she’s attached to someone they gain the effects of this ability instead

her ultimate is a large width line attack with seven hits, dealing damage to everyone in the AoE, the damage dealt to enemies is halved after the first hit they receive, if they get hit 3 times they’re rooted for a couple seconds, and cant happen more than once, she can also use this while attached.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

How made his ability to go afk for 40 min and win the game. Change it plz.

Imagine a cat on a book.

The issue with Yuumi isn't her relative strength or weakness, it is that she is not fun to play against, and incentivizes the things people find the least fun about the game. Yuumi is great at buffing a hypercarry player, but is uninteractive, usually. It is not strange to see people completely disregard her q, or stop detaching to engage her passive after a certain point in lane, preferring to stay on to boost ADC damage, or maybe hopping to JG in a gank. Having a bad Yuumi on your team turns the game into a 4v6. Playing against a good one makes comebacks almost impossible in the mid to late game when their carry has their own items plus shurelya's/moonstone/imp mandate, ardent/staff (sometimes both), Mikhails and Redemption ALL WHILE BEING UNTARGETABLE. There is no chance to blow up a support before they can buff a carry when it is Yuumi since she will come out of base on her carry, so you have to commit entirely to hoping you can catch a carry out and they won't 2v5.

I think that is what people struggle to articulate with her. Weak or strong, it is her playstyle that really makes her frustrating to play against.

Doublelift's explanation as to what's wrong with Yummi is great.
In short he's discusses how yummi's character play style fundamentally breaks the game by allowing an enchanter who is meant to be a priority Target become untargetable and invincible and capable of infinitely healing with no repercussions as long as the person she is on can stay alive she can keep healing them and they can keep her alive. It's like playing with the soraka that you can't ever kill until after you've killed the entire enemy team so you just have to deal with her healing 24/7.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Main reason why yummi is a bad designed champion is that it gives to much ad or ap to champions like jhin or veigar.

To be direct,Riot believes that Yuumi fills a unique role in the champion roster—both in playstyle and thematic—and there is clear data showing that a lot of people enjoy playing Yuumi.

When they look at champions popularity, they break it down into depth and breadth. Depth is a measure of the average number of games a player puts into a champion. Breadth is a measure of how many different players play a champion. Breadth and depth can be used as two axes of a graph to give us a more complete understanding of how popular a champion is.I remember when yuumi came out and she was the only champ that I ignored my rule of not using champ for 2 weeks after release and I loved her. Hit 7 mastery in a month got winrate of 70-90% depending on the day and told everyone that she isn't meant to be played as just cat on champs boosting stats. They called me mad and often dodged when I picked her but she is still my favorite support. Even funny when playing with new ppl everyone hated her at that time and one friend would usually describe it as "Yeah I hate yuumi to but with him she is ok" good times and you could even run Mejai constantly because of her low risk on w.

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