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Among us mobile review pros and cons

Among us is a game that took the world by storm in 2020, It is a simple yet addictive social deduction game that is free on mobile and available on pc for a price, today I will be looking over the mobile version and analysing the good and bad parts of the game as well as parts I feel are very successful as well as areas that may need working on in the future. The premise of the game is simple there are up to 10 players on a spaceship performing simple tasks around the ship but there are 1 to 3 imposters on board; the role of the imposter is to kill crewmates and lie to avoid getting kicked off the ship while the crewmates try to weed the imposters out. This adds some thrill to the game as you do not know your role until the game begins however it also adds some frustration as many quit when they do not get there desired role and there is no penalty for doing so which can ruin a game before it has even begun. This is a disappointing con which while not entirely the developers faults it would still be appreciated by myself and others if it were reviewed somehow.

While the core gameplay cannot be altered there is a choice of maps number of imposter’s character design and more as well as changing slight elements of gameplay such as vision , walking speed and keeping anonymity when voting and hiding reveals when people are voted out. This can upset the balance slightly if done wrong but also add a nice twist to a somewhat repetitive play style. This does allow for more variety in a somewhat simple game which is refreshing but can also cause some frustrations as some tasks are much harder to complete than others. It is also good to note that both imposters and crewmates have ways of gaining information. The crewmates have rooms to access information or view other areas while the Imposters can quickly travel through vents and or sabotage elements on the ship to force people away from the area of a possible killing. This provides balance for both teams which is one benefit of the game. It’s age range is for all ages as it is a simple premise and enjoyable for young and old with no violence or disturbing scenes.

While the game is simple there is also some strategy involved that allows for discussion of tactics in the community as well as many popular voices on YouTube playing the game and or discussing their own methods for success in the game. This allowed the game to gain mass media attention and popularity fast as many famous faces were endorsing the game and singing its praises. Its addictive quality is one of its main benefits as well as the ability to make private or public games meaning you can play weather you have a large group of friends with you or not which can be either fun or exhausting depending on who you are paired with as your crew in random selection, as there is always the risk you will end up with a hacker that ruins it for your side which has happened to myself a concerning amount of times sadly. To conclude if the majority of social deduction games are for you and you are only looking for a simple game to pass the time I would highly recommend you get among us.

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