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Demoknight for beginners

Demoknight is one of the first subclasses in team fortress 2. Demoknight is swift fast and amazing. Demoknights are very scary, they tend to be very skilled players. Most of the demokinght players are either trolls, professionals or complete beginners. Just like any other subclass, the demoknight requires you to completely change your playstyle. Once you start playing as a demoknight you won't use any explosives. If you are new to playing demoknight then you can use play the hybrid demoknight subclass. The hybrid demoknight is the subclass where players use their primary weapon instead of the boots butt still, stick to the demoknight weapons and items like the shield and the melee weapons. Demoknight requires hundreds of hours to be good at. Playing demoknight fast decision making, fast reflexes, and a good idea of the melee weapons. In your first few hours as a demoknight you will miss many of your shots and feel completely useless but with time you will be better and start hitting your shots more often.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

The demoknight leans toward a loadout that focuses on close-range combat. The basic demoknight loadout consists of boots, shields, and melee weapons. All of the demon knights either use the bootlegger or Ali baba's wee booties. Both of these boots do the same thing. They give additional health, they increase the turning speed, they increase the passive speed, and they make the charge faster. You can replace the boots with other primary weapons if you are playing as a hybrid demoknight. The shields are very important to demoknight because the shields are what allow the demoknight to charge forward. There are three shields in the game. They are the Chargin' Targe, Splendid Screen, and the Tide Turner. All of these three shields have the same main function, to charge forward at a very high speed but all of these have some things that make them very different from each other. The Chargin' Targe gives the player 30% damage resistance to explosives and 50% to fire. This shield is very tanky and can be used to get closer to your enemies. The splendid screen also has 20% damage resistance to both fire and explosives. The good thing about it is that It deals 85 damage in impact while charging at enemies. Your charge also recharges two times faster with this shield. The last one is the tide-turner. This has 15% damage resistance to both fire and explosive damage. It gives you full manoeuvrability while charging and gives you a 75% charge for each melee kill. This shield is hated in the community and I don't understand why? You should use this if you live traversing around the map using the charge. Lastly, there are melee weapons. The melee weapons are the only damage-dealing option for a demoknight most of the time. There are many options for your melee like the eyelander, half-Zatoichi, Persian persuader and more. Any melee weapon for Demoman will work, but I will recommend something with a longer hitbox and good overall statistics.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

As a demoknight, there is no point in charging into a group of enemies hoping to hit somebody. If you do this then stop it, and get some help. As a demoknight, you should play more strategically. New players do this when they see a group of enemies coming from their spawn at the start of the game. Because of this, they get demolished. When playing demoknight you should also be mindful of your charges. Charges are very important they can be used for many things like attacking, relocating, and escaping a difficult situation. Playing a demoknight doesn't mean that you need to play aggressively. Demoknight subclass can be categorized as a subclass that is made for flanking. This charge also allows you to get to ammo packs and health packs faster. The demoknight's playstyle is more similar to the spy. They both have the potential to escape difficult situations and kill enemies almost instantly. Demoknights playstyle is also kind of similar to the scout because both of them are fast and have high damage output. If you are a new player and struggling to play without any ranged weapon then I would recommend you to switch to the hybrid Demoknight subclass instead. The hybrid Demoknight is just the demoknight but with a weapon instead of boots in the primary slot. I would recommend the Iron bomber for your primary because it allows you to sort of stock jump around the map without any sticky bomb launcher. Well, I would like to end this topic right here, this subclass is very complicated and you will be better with time. Thank you and have a very good day.

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