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How to get out of silver in CSGO.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive went free to play, which of course means millions of new players are stuck in silver, simply unable to improve. There is never an 'upper limit' for your rank, and there is always ways to improve, and in this guide I will highlight the main issues I have witnessed Silver players doing.


One massive issue silver players have is the lack of proper positioning and re-positioning. Whether you are attacking or defending, a strong position and good movement is crucial to win the match, especially in the common clutch situation. Let's say you are playing on CT, where your main objective is to hold down a bomb sight from the attacking enemies. Many silver players get too confident and roam around the map, hunting down the enemies and, although this may sometimes work, it's never the safe option. The best thing to do is hold a strong angle, where you're safe from behind and barely visible in the front, an angle where you are almost guaranteed to shoot first.

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Sometimes holding an angle like this means a boring round, but at least it is a winnable round. As a T player you cannot do the same, but staying behind and watching your flank as the rest of your team push may sometimes win you the round. Re-position frequently, especially after a fight, and stick to your team, and you will see better results.

Spray Patterns:

Another significant thing to remember; every weapon has its own spray structure. There is no way to sum it up here, so the best way to improve your spray is to practice on a wall or, even better, download a custom map made for aim training. Spray designs are important to know about because after the first shot or two, the bullets can get way up at the opponent’s tip and move wildly from back to side. One of the most challenging skills to take at CS is spray power, the creation of being able to create this spray design in side with the mouse, so you nullify the recoil. Sounds tricky, but it will get you easier wins.

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CSGO is a really fast paced strategy, and a single mistake may lose you the round, or even worse the game. Although it may be difficult at first to switch to newer, foreign key binds after playing with the stock key binds provided by the game, it will benefit you in the long run. Avoid giving up on newer, improved key binds (which you could find online and alter to your liking), and learn them to transition between weapons and grenades seamlessly in game. A few good key bind alterations would be to avoid using the scroll wheel, but to have a different key for every grenade and weapon in your inventory to allow quick and accurate switching, or try changing jump to 'scroll up' to easily bunnyhop and gain speed.

One thing to remember while changing your key binds is to learn them perfectly before hopping into an official competitive server, as you wouldn't want to forget your keys mid game and lose the round.

Final Note:

Although all of these factors help improve your game, there are things to do alone. For example, a great way to learn the maps is to hop on to a single player server and run around, creating angles and rotations which your can use in game, and of course, you will not instantly go pro after following these steps, be patient!

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