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AOT 2 Nintendo switch review

AOT 2 or otherwise known as Attack on titan or Shingeki no Kyojin is a game that was created based on the Japanese animated series attack on titan. This game is a RPG that allows you to follow the protagonist of the anime Eren Yeager as the series unfolds in a RPG style game. The plot is the same as the anime as you interact with the cast and can increase your friendship level with them by talking to them working with them on missions and giving them gifts. The game is not very plot heavy as it focuses heavily on the action so if you are more interested in plot heavy RPG's then i may recommend you pass on this one. The length of the gameplay depends heavily on your experience playing action games, if you are a bit rusty like myself and play it often but not constantly it can take a few months to complete the main story however if you are a very fast and adept player it can be beaten in only a small fraction of the time. I would recommend that anyone who is easily disturbed by violence or under the teenage age pass on this as it would be distressing to them.

Now there is a lot of mechanics in this game, some are very well done and some I feel while having the right idea may need some work to perfect. Remember however there was a updated version of this game called AOT 2 final battle for switch also so hopefully in that version the issues I will bring to light have already been addressed in this remake/updated version. The main issues i found with this game is that while a lot of the mechanics work really well in terms of the allies you can gain mid battle some in the same tier (C, B A, S receptively) are much more over or underpowered than their tier suggests. Also while there is a large selection of weapons ODM gear and clothing/avatar customizations there are not many choices for horses you can ride into battle and it would of been nice to see more. Also some of the mini bosses mainly the Bizarre titan that draws others towards you is very overpowered in the more advance stages and while possible can be a bit unfair if you are caught in a unlucky position

Besides these negatives however I truly enjoyed this game and it kept me engaged for a very long time. The character interactions are reflective of their personality in the anime and made me feel more invested in the franchise as a whole. As for the core gameplay it runs very smoothly and is very beautiful to look at and compared to the First AOT game for the 3ds the ODM gear mechanics work very well and are easy enough to control with some practice. The set up bases while also suffering with some being underpowered are still very useful and add a bit of strategy with placement in a otherwise primarily action focused game, it is also fun to note that these get destroyed by titans and you receive distress signals as well as items from slaying titans. These while adding to the gameplay itself also give a view of what it may of been like to actually be in the Anime which for a fan of the series is very appealing. This game may not appeal to all audiences as it is a bit out there for a anime RPG however if you are up to the challenge and are experienced enough to handle some unlucky mechanics i would recommend looking into AOT 2 or even it's updated version AOT 2 final battle, my only advice is if you want to watch the anime watch that first as the game does contain major spoilers for the anime.

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