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About Dota2 (free video game)

Hi every one ,

my name is noori ,

I came today to explain about the game of Dota 2 and to start discussing the topics of Dota 2 , and to explain everything side by side in various articles .

I hope the content is interesting and amazing for you .

Among today's games, there are games where one can compete with one's friends and the easiest and cheapest way to communicate between friends in different parts of the world is the Internet . One of the games that has received a lot of attention from gamers is Dota 2 , which we will explain in detail below .

A video game in the genre of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena is called Moba, which has been released for the Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Linux platforms. This game is a complete version of the previous version, which is to defend the tribes. The word DotA, abbreviated to Defense of the Ancients, means to defend an ancient building; Any team that can destroy the enemy or ancient building is the winner.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

What is Dota 2?
Dota 2 is actually a version inspired by Dota 2, which is a map of the famous WarCraft III Frozen Throne game made by Blizzard. Dota2 game was made by Valve company and for this reason it has been released on Steam for online play and during this time it has attracted a lot of fans. This game is in the style of Strategy and in fact has introduced a new style to the game world that the strategy game did not exist before Dota.

There are more than 90 Heroes in this game. You choose one of the heroes at the beginning of the game and win with your teammates using the hero (Level) capabilities and using a special way of playing. Your team consists of 5 players and the team plays randomly in the game. Radiant or you are in the Dire team and there are 5 other players in front of you. In Dota 2, your smart and fast point will be to know which champion to choose and which champion to choose in order to win the game.

Each hero has his own power
For example, the silencer blocks your items and powers, and you can not use your powers for a few seconds, and you can only use simple magic.
The hero of terrorblade produces illusion and destroys his enemy with these illusions, and even has the ability to move his soul with his teammates and enemy, which is a really unique and interesting power that makes terrorblade,

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

So over time, you will become familiar with anti-heroes, and with heroes that are next to each other (so-called combos), you can move the game forward more easily.

In this game, it is only about heroes who also have items

You can do different things by buying different items

for example,

fast travel , mango for healing ,yasha for more damage , sage for more damage (magic damage and Physical damage) ,shadow blade hidden for enemy , crystalys level block and critical damage ,nullifier silencer , mask of madness attack speed and life steel (if you hit enemy you can steel enemy heal and receive), Observer Ward ( you can see map in 360 Seconds and this item is the most important in Dota2 and this item is hide for enemy and The enemy needs Sentry Ward to see), Sentry Ward (this item show you the enemy's Observer Ward and deward them)

In the next article, we will try to install Dota 2 on our system Stay with us.


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