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Minecraft the amazing game review and tutorial


Minecraft is a sandbox game that you can make anything you can imagine in it (Making mods,building, etc...). Minecraft was made in 2009 by a developer called Notch. There are 2 version of minecraft. The first is “Java edition” and the second version is “bedrock” edition. Java edition is usually better than Bedrock edition because it gets updates first and it only can be downloaded on pc (Java edition) and the other version (Bedrock edition) can be downloaded on Mobile phones, Consoles and PC,Bedrock edition is crossplay, That means you can play with other people while on pc and the other is one mobile but Java edition is not crossplay because it only for PC of course. Minecraft Java edition is for 25$ and Bedrock edition is for 15$. In my opinion, These prices are really worth it for a game like that because it is so fun and you can never get bored from it. I started playing this game since 2014 and it’s still amazing for me, one of the best surviving games for me and its not really that expensive and i recommend buying it now.It’s an online and offline game and you can play it with your family through LAN.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

First when downloading minecraft bedrock edition, you can sign in with your xbox live account (its your decision) and you can create a New world. First, You start with nothing and you try to get resources from the biome you’re at, you break a tree and get the logs and open your inventory to craft a “wooden blank” to craft the “Crafting table” because its more advaned and then you can craft anything from it (if you have the resources). Then you take lots of wood to craft an axe,sword,hoe and shovel. Axe is for destroying trees. Sword is for killing creatures . Hoe is for farming (press right click on the dirt). Shovel is for destroying grass,dirt, etc.... There are four types of resources used for crafting these tools which are Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold and diamond. Diamond>Gold>Iron>Stone>Wood. Gold is the worst one imo because its durability is so bad, you can use it for like 30-40times and it breaks. After making an axe, you get lots of wood to craft a house, you can make amazing houses.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

When night comes, It’s surviving time. You must not get killed by monster coming at night which are (Zombies, Zombie Skeletons, Endermen, etc...). All monster die from sunlight except Endermen they only hate water. All monster can not die from sunlight if they are under an object because of shadow. When killing monsters you can take some resources from then which aren’t usually good except the bones you get from Zombie skeleton because you can make bonemeal from it which can be really useful for making plants grow SO MUCH FASTER just by right clicking on a plant. You kill monsters with either your sword or hand (Hand is the weakest) and the strongest sword is Diamond sword (diamond is hard to get). From the resources you have you can make Armor from them to protect yourself from attacks (takes lower health from you). And for farming Gold,Iron,diamond and stone, you go under the grass and then you meet the stone layer and you get it to craft stone tools, armor and furnace (to cook food, etc...) and then all of them are stone. When going lower, you can see some iron (stone with brown points in it) and when going lower you see gold (stone with golden points on it) and then you go down till you find a stone you can’t break which is called “bedrock”. To find diamond, you go to the bedrock and build above it by 10block and then break all the stones in front of you till you find diamond, thats the best way in my opinion.

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