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How not to be a noob?

It is really hard to tell, what is the best way to be good at .io games. Mainly it is because a lot of people think, that they can come, select skin, press the play button and instantly win the whole game. It is bad idea to think, that you can beat all of the everyday players in your first hour of playing. So, the only and the best way is to train, train and train. Firstly you should watch some videos on YouTube, where the best players are showing they skill and teach they tactics, tricks, helpful experiences, etc... There is a lot of channels, you can watch., Kolibri, Togoman, for instance. These players are really good at things, they are doing, so you should listen them and be like them. This was a short introduction to our problem, in the next two paragraphs you can read about my experiences and my tactics (second one) and about tips and tricks (in the third one), how to play .io games, but mainly I hope, you are motivated enough, to read my whole article.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

So, if you are small you will always see the big cells, who are ready to eat you and savor on your body. By hiding your blob behind the virus, you save yourself and keep aggressive big cells away from you. But, if virus do not help, it is a good idea to split. The bigger you are, the slower you move. That means, if you split, you will be faster and these enormous cells, will not be able to catch you. Long story short, smaller = faster = life, big = slower = death. Once you start getting big enough you will be able to start eating other cells (players) out there all the time growing larger. So simply eat, eat and eat and avoid being eaten. To control the game you need only your mouse, the “w” key and the SPACEBAR, that means, that you do not need some sort of expensive gaming stuff. When I started to play, I had only touchpad on my laptop... These were my own experiences and my own ideas, so now I will talk about advices, you can find on the websites all over the internet.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Pay to play - that is really common advice, but it will not help you, because if you are a noob, you spend all of your money and then you will still be a noob, because you will teach nothing.

Next is probably skin = skill. Yeah, there is something like a placebo effect in the medicine world and it causes, that if you have nice skins, you play better, but it is not going to help you as simple training.

And the last one is to download hacks / scripts. This is the only way (of the two mentioned before), that works every time. It is true, that you are going to be really good, but you risk, you will download some sort of virus.

So what is the final advice? Watch some professional players on YouTube platform, for instance. Then try to play some games, but be careful and try not to lose - it demotivates you. And after all of this you probably would be able to beat all of the other players, get on the first place and be like a .io master gamer.

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