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Hello everyone, I'll start with a general overview before moving on to the individual ratings for each segment. There's an action that's done right when it's present, a heart-warming romance to say the least, and a dash of comedy that pops up every now and then. Overall, it forms a fair representation of a variety of MMO issues and their aftermath, showcasing a variety of believable emotions and reactions without ever getting bogged down and remaining entertaining throughout ... mostly .
In general, Sword Art Online is quite pleasing to the eye, especially when it comes to its backgrounds; if we ever get vr that's what i hope it looks like. The character models and movements are also very well done which is necessary in a show with so much fighting. As I often say, the BGM is such that it fulfills its role without being really memorable.
Sword Art Online is told in four main parts, and as I mentioned earlier, they are not equal. On the one hand, this means that the series is able to explore a number of different virtual settings to give us more time with certain characters and broaden the scope of the overall plot, but on the other hand, it means that 'there are several jarring rhythm changes throughout. all 49 episodes of the series, and that's where that haremization I mentioned earlier comes in. It seems that one of the goals of Sword Art Online is to make every new heroine of potential interest to the protagonist, Kirito, and this results in a number of the design decisions that negatively impact the anime as a whole. (and simply detract from the main plot). Firstly, the result is a fan service that starts in the second arc and really hits its pace (unfortunately) in the third, undermining the strong personalities of the characters involved. Second, it causes important characters to miss out on the screen time they definitely deserve and, finally, it prevents the exploration of established character relationships that have been the strength of the show at one point or another. .

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To develop this, I'm going to have to start working on the show arc by arc. Synopses are only spoilers to the extent that they reveal information that is never hidden by the series.

At first, the show lines up with the synopsis I wrote earlier. Kirito is stuck inside Aincrad, the flying castle with a plethora of diverse floors to climb and monsters to defeat in typical fantasy MMO style. This arc represents Sword Art Online at its best, covering the experiences of a variety of characters as they come to terms with their predicament and interact with each other through an episodic first half before bringing it all home with a loaded conclusion. of history. There's a fair amount of mature, well-handled romance alongside a compelling and emotional main story with little room to get bored among the frequent action and diverse cast.

Then we come to Alfheim Online, a second MMO that continues the fantasy feel but with… fairies? Well, it allows the characters to fly I guess. Regardless, this arc differs from the first in that it abandons the episodic strategy, but also is the first to remove Kirito from its supporting cast. Without spoiling anything, it includes a certain important character from the first story that every viewer should know and love at this point and many find it an incredibly questionable writing decision. With the exception of one major new heroine, all of the characters introduced in this arc are forgettable, and the romance I enjoyed from the first arc is sidelined in favor of harem culture. Still, it's fun to keep following Kirito's adventures in the MMO world and a number of interesting real-life issues are presented in conjunction with some character relationships to make it an experience that remains very enjoyable despite the failure to hold the first episode.

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And then there's Gun Gale Online, in which Kirito switches to a sci-fi shooter MMO in order to track down a character who manages to kill his opponents' real players. Here we have another main heroine featured alongside a lot of fan service and all of the other characters from the previous season are being ignored. The GGO arc takes a long time to kick up and feels out of place compared to previous fancy settings, especially given the high degree of exposure and the inner monology that takes place without adding anything to it. 'experience. Plus, combat encounters just aren't as exciting compared to what we've been used to and the premise as a whole is pretty shaky. And… well, Kirito is made to look like a girl because the writer needed to show his ultimate power over the show… or something like that.

After a short side story that brings the gang together again, SAO's second season ends with Mother’s Rosario, which focuses on Aincrad's heroine, Asuna, back in Alfheim Online. It's a refreshing return to form for the series as the implications of virtual reality technology and a variety of emotional interactions between characters are explored with significant developments occurring both in the real world and in the world. the game, although this continues the habit of shutting down most of the supporting characters in favor of new shiny ones. After Aincrad, I think he does the best job of representing what Sword Art Online should be trying to accomplish.

Ultimately, Sword Art Online was a lot of fun to watch and was successful in so many areas. It explores a variety of settings and issues related to virtual reality games that make them fantastic experiences made much more enjoyable by the characters involved and the relationships between them. There's at least a small dose of epic in every arc that, with the inclusion of believable real-life consequences, has little trouble keeping things interesting throughout the story.

However, that's not to say that there aren't some weak spots in the series. The dramatic differences between the first arc and those that follow it lead to jarring changes in tone and several uncomfortable scenes where the writers try their best (via using fan service and easily bypassing existing character relationships) to install. Kirito again. another heroine, and that alone can ruin the series in the eyes of some viewers.

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