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Apex Legends review from my point of view!

Apex legends is a battle royal game jut like Fortnite, but here you can't build. You can drop onto a map from a dropship and you need to find armor, weapons and ammo for the weapons. It is also good if you pick up some consumbales so you can heal back your health and also charge your damaged shield. You can't play solo only trio or duo. Luckily it is pretty easy to play with friends! The map is always changing so it is always different. It has cosmetics like other battle royals but more about that later. If you aren't playing with friends but alone the game will put random ppl in your team, if you are playing with friends but there is still an empty place on your team it will place in a random person. Here comes the twist you have differnet legends which have different abilities, advantages and disadvantages. After you team is assembled every player on your team will chose a legend you can only have one of each legend on your team. After everyone in the match has picked a legend the match begins.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Everyone is jumping from a dropship wherever they want. You can jump with your team or alone. If you decide to jump with your team there is always one jumpmaster on your team this means if he jumps out everyone else will too if you are the jumpmaster you can replenish it if you want to. If you want to jump alone then you can do that too! There are so called "hotzones" on the map where it is guaranteed to find some good loot. Loot can be weapons, attachment for weapons, hop-up (these add an ability to your weapon that you equip them to), shield, knockdown shield (when you get downed you can use it to block enemy damage), helmet (reduces headshot damage bigger the level higher the reduction), treasure packs (you can find them in suplly bins all around the map you can pick up one per day and you can get pretty good cosmetic items from this), ordances (grenades there are three grenades: thermite grenade, just a normal grenade and arc star), consumables (these can be shield batteries, medkits, syringes and phoenix kits), backpack (these make ur inventory bigger)

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Loots have tier weapons have 2 tiers common and rare common s just the weapon and rare is the weapon but with all the legendary attachments that go onto the weapon! Shield, helmets, backpacks and knockdown shields have 4 tier common - the weakest ones , blue - stronger than common, purple - the strongest, golden - same strongness as purple but they give you an ability for example you revive teamates much faster or you use consumables faster etc. Consumbales and ordances don't have tiers. Now the cosmetics that you can equip in the lobby. You have a battle pass like inother battle royal games. You have skins for the legends, gun charms, emotes finishers (you can finish downed enemies this is an animation tht play if the enemy shoots you it cancels but if you can finish the finsiher then the downed enemy dies and you get your shield rechared), emotes, quips, holopaints, banners and a lot more. There is also a shop where you can buy comstics. You can get free cosmetics from lootboxes (yes this game was made by EA). You can get lootboxes by leveling up you also get coins which you can spend to unlock more legends cause most of them is not free and you can buy them with gold or this currency that you get by leveling up!

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