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How To Be a Good Healer/Support!

Healer/Support is a champion class on paladins who support the team in the game. There are 9 support champion at the moment on paladins and each support champions have different attributes and way of supporting the team. The champions are Furia, Grohk, Grover, Io, Jenos, Mal'Damba, Pip, Seris and Ying. Ususally supports are looked down by players, specially the new players who instant lock viktor but support champion plays an important role in winning the match.

Each champions have their own play style, abilities and attributes. Some are used more for healing and some are used to helping team mates by crippling or stunning enemies or some are used to help team mates from the enemies ult's. But despite having different playstyles every support champion should have a single goal in the combat and that is to support their team mates in any way possible to win the match while taking care of yourself.

Here, i will teach u the basics and important roles as a healer/support and how to be good at it.

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  • You are the support champion that means u have to help your team-mates by healing them or using different abilities like stunning them or crippling them. Usually, support champions are seen only as a healer who heals team-mates in a game but support champions are useful in other ways other than healing. Champions like Grover and Pip can slow down enemies, Mal'Damba, Furia can stun the enemies, Jenos can lift the enemies on the air and so on.
  • You are a support so u are responsible for healing team-mates in the combat. You, as a healer should always prioritize your tank first when it comes to healing. Its not that you shouldn't heal others but make sure tank is getting enough healing so u can capture the point. Always keep in mind that team-mates who have cautarize effects on them will receive less healing and peoples who stay inside Willo's dead zone will receive no healing at all.
  • A support champion is always targeted first by enemies since you heal and support your team-mates. Always be ready to retreat and let your team-mates know that there are flankers behind u. Also, u are a support so if u are all by yourself then retreat and group-up instead of going to the point all alone.
  • As a support you shouldn't prioritize dealing damage, contest the point and heal other at any cost or even if u are exposed to danger.
  • Don't feel bad for too much self-heal since you must stay alive yourself in order to support the team.
  • If u find toxic peoples spamming need healing! and yelling u for not healing properly even if u are doing good then just ignore them or mute them by pressing tab and disabling the message like icon.

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Good supports are the key to winning matches. A good support will help the teammates stay alive and successfully lead the team to victory but they are vulnerable champions.

Let your games tell you what kind of player are you and where should improve more or what play style should you give more priority to so that u can be a good support for your team. If not, then play close attention to your team-mates who play good support and try to copy their loadouts, talents, items and try to copy their playstyle and strategies.

If your practice well enough and learn from team mates then you will definitely become a good support for your team. Ignore the toxicity from toxic players and don't feel bad to mute them since they won't say anything useful on the chat anyways.

These are the tips on how to be a good healer/support in game. Support are really fun to play. Hope it was helpful for you and you will keep these things in mind next time u play as a support on paladins. Game on.

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