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Minecraft and its wonders [2017 review by Zbra}

What is it?
Well that's simple, Its a a very very popular game.
It has sold over 10million copys, now that's impressive!
I was never much into computer games at the time of the release, I was more into consoles such as the Wii. but minecraft changed my perspective on both the virtual world and real life. Don't get me wrong minecraft has changed dramatically throughout the years as the player base rose but somethings they have added seem pointless and are copyed from modded versions of the game, yes these mods may improve the experience but not giving the madders any praise is slightly savage, wouldn't you agree.
Apart from that issue ive always been impressed with minecraft. Its graphics may not be amazing and the fps aint the best however almost 99% of the laptops made from 2000+ can run the game well. I admit I have medium graphic abilitys while playing this game but I say it still is an amazing experience. The only time the fps and graphics let me down is in pvp situations with people who have better consoles XD.
The multiplayer is something I adore as every server has something unique and this is what makes minecraft never ending although you do have to watch out for cheeky hackers and modders but to be honest who has not hacked on minecraft at least once?
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
List of all commands for a in game command block that will enhance your gameplay:
/launch [player][x][y][z]-Launches the player as if getting knockback from a mob
/giveitem [player]-Gives chosen item to player.
/fill <item ID> <inventory?> <coordinates>-This command will fill the chest you are looking at with that item, or at the coordinates <coordinates>, and if <inventory?> is true, then it will fill your inventory instead.
/empty <item ID> <inventory?> <coordinates>-This command will empty the chest you are looking
/explode [x,y,z] <radius>-Makes an explosion at x,y,z with a radius of radius. If no radius specified, creates a creeper explosion size.
/equip [target/selector] <item/chest direction>
/apply [target/selector] <item/chest direction>
/give [target/selector] <item/chest direction>-Does what they say they do.
/name [target] [item] [name for item]-Names the item.
/lore [target] [item] [lore for item]-Gives lore to an item.
/gamerule dispensersConsumeItems [true|false]-If false, dispensers can keep dispensing without actually using up the items
/togglespawner (on|off) <x,y,z>-Toggled whether a spawner's active or not.
/triggerspawner <x,y,z> <number of mobs>-Makes adjacent spawners or the one specified in xyz spawn the number of mobs specified or 1 if not.
/pause-Toggles world pause.
/sethead [player or mob name]-Changes the held Head into the specified one.
/gamerule cheats (true|false)-Sets if cheats are enabled or not.
/gamerule breakable [IDs or all] (true|false)-Sets whether the block is breakable or not. This overrides Adventure Mode.
/gamerule fall @ (true|false)-Sets whether fall damage is on for the target.
/gamerule usable [function] (true|false)-Sets whether the function is usable.
/gamerule explosions (true|false)-Sets whether explosions are enabled or not.
/gamerule fire (true|false) - Sets whether fire is allowed to exist.
/gamerule liquidPour (true|false) -Sets whether fluids can move
/gamerule blockArea <@> (x,y,z) [owner]
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
Servers Recommended to enhance multiplayer:
But overall my review on minecraft is always going to be positive!
My ign is amazingdobby888 so if you ever come across me don't forget to say hi!
Thanks for reading and enjoy the wonders of the internet.
5.0 (1)
Author Zbra
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