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World of Warships
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#4 American Destroyers

Hello folks to another guide on World of Warships. Today i will be doing a guide on probably my favourite tech tree in the game at this moment the USA Destroyers or DDs for short. So lets begin with the pros and cons of these ships. I will be using the tier 6 Farragut as my example as the play style doesn't really change in this tech tree.


-Well firstly the Farragut is very fast and can get into position really well its manoeuvrability is great at dodging torps and shells fired from enemy ships.
-US DDs have great AA defences it may not look it on paper but by the time a carrier drops its torpedoes on you half the enemy squadron is gone due to the great AA.
-Rapid firing guns with a good fire chance are a American destroyer main go to as they can be considered to be more like gun boats rather than torpedo boats.
-High damage torpedoes.
-Incredible long lasting smoke screens.
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Now these DDs sound great right but they do have some Achilles heels that can set them back a little.


-The short range of the torpedoes can be very irritating because you just do not have the range until you research the better torpedoes with better range.
-Easily detectable. Your detect ability range is larger than your torpedoes range so stealth firing torpedoes is not possible in the lower tier USA DDs up until about tier 9 and 10.
-This one is for all DD's and that is you will be targeted instantly by enemy cruisers and will die very quickly if they are firing HE.

So why go for American DD's and not the other nations. Well American DD's are jack of all traits when you go up the tiers you have to play the game smart however when you get those ships into position you can release hell upon the enemy with those rapid firing guns with a lovely fire chance.
By playing this game you can get 100 Play
To kind of conclude. Once you get to tier 5 and 6 it may seem to you like those DD's are a little lack lustre i know ive been there but once you get over that idea the real power of those ships comes out for example the Tier 9 Fletcher is a seal clubbers and stat padders ship because it is just incredible. Another insanely stat padding ship is the Clemson at tier 4 in the American tech tree. So as you can see these ships are good and simple to use after a few battles. Another reason i have decided to do a guide on this tech tree is because all USA ships for this week have a discount so grab them if you can.
Finally play style wise you should concentrate on getting into position smoking up and firing at as many targets as you can if an enemy ship come close to you torp them. Remember you are a DD you cannot trade HP with anything else but another DD. Lastly if you can or wish to go for a AA DD it will help you out big time when enemy planes try to spot you or drop their love on your ship.

Hope this guide helps with how to play or just generally if the ships are good.

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