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My personal opinion about Agario

Agario , one of the coolest games I have ever played , it is so funny , let me explain to you all how do we play this game first of all you start by creating an account or playing as a gest you have 2 options you chose the one you want after that they take you to a space full of balls , there are small ones , big ones and your ball you should eat the small ones , as much as you're eating small ones you're getting bigger you should also stay far away from big balls because they can eat you and by doing that they will end you game that's why you should eat small balls and by eating them you end their game, anyways you eat them and stay away from bigger balls than yours till you became bigger than them so you eat them and end their game , they get bigger too in case if you didn't know by eating other balls smaller than them they get bigger , who eats all the balls there wins , this game ain't easy at all but by playing it alot you became a pro , so don't lose hope from the first time lol

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

This game named Agario helps you spend your time whenever you are bored , it makes time go fast without even feelling it , this game has a relation with you brain , it makes you more intelligent and it also can change your mood which means it gives you some help so play it whenever you're bored and don't spend your time doing things that won't help you , it's a funny game and it also makes you learn from your mistakes by practicing this game more you become more intelligent , it's a game online so which means there's a competition between people . you shloud try this game to see you level in it , and don't worry if you lost easilly in the first time , it's something normal we all lose sometimes , the most important thing is to learn from our mistakes , practicing more makes us better i guess you understood what i mean , so go have fun enjoy your time and play it , it's not a little bit hard but with time it will be easy for you stop spending your time and gp try it now you all .

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

You should really try playing it , i am sure you will not regret that ,but you will like it so much and you will also enjoy playing it as much as i do so try it while it is available for everyone you will not lose anything what is the point of not playing it ? I don't understand ? TRY IT NOW and enjoy your time and remember that this game is good for your brain and for you too go for it play it , you're not going to lose anything it's a nice game created by Matheus Valadare just in case if you didn"t knew it appeared 28 june 2015 and it became famous alot of people talked about it in their channels and not by anyone but people who was really known they made videos playing this games which made people really wanna play it till it became that famous , anyways it's time to go and play it and tell me how you found it , and don't play it just 1 time play it two or three times enjoy your time and in the end , all i gave you is what i think about the game i hope you'll like my writing take care.

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