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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege (B2P)
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Is Rainbow Six Overrated?

Let me start this off by saying this is purely opinion based, but supporting details and evidence will be provided to prove my point. From a standpoint of many people, Rainbow Six, better known as R6, is overrated. While I do not 100% stand with them, I can understand where they are coming from. To start, the game is filled with many cheaters, which isn't a feature of the game, but it makes the game less enjoyable. The reason this happens is because of the anti-cheat the game currently has. Way back when R6 first came out, Battle-Eye (R6's anti-cheat) was extremely good, and from my point of view there wasn't a lot of cheaters back then. The issue is that the Battle-Eye client is not up to speed with these new generation cheats/hacks. Now, from a money viewpoint, as stated on, the game has generated over $1,000,000,000 over the past 4 years from rainbow six siege. Even though these numbers do not include these prices, after paying taxes, servers, and other various price tags, that is still a lot of money. Something I have looked at is how, with this much accumulated money have they not upgraded their anti-cheat, especially because of how many new ones have came out since Battle-Eye's insignificance. Sadly, I do not think Ubisoft has any plans of upgrading soon, mostly because the anti-cheat is still "doing its job." On average, 9,500 bans happen each month. (Info taken from This still continues to be a problem though, because, if you've ever played R6, you probably know that there is a few more than that.

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The second reason I would like to share actually has to do the with R6, Ubisoft, and the developers. The issue I have with most games now-a-days is that updates are pushed out for the sake of updates, not for quality content of the game. I assume this is mostly done to say "oh we push updates out weekly/monthly/etc." The issue is not them pushing out updates often, its the content within the update that bothers me. We can look at this example through the second most recent update, which includes Osa. I believe that the concept she has, while it is cool, is extremely pointless. We already have more than enough shield operators. The ability to place this shield in windows and other places is extremely underused, but that is the actual point of the ability. Also, a little while back the addition of Thunderbird happened. While I do not dislike Thunderbird, I feel as Doc and Rook were already plenty for the support field. That wasn't a terrible update in the POV of it being useless, but it was extremely unnecessary.

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

The third, and final topic I want to go over is something more positive about the game. That is that the game has fixed most of the bugs that made/make the game unplayable. The developing team works hard on the fixing aspect of things, and I feel they have executed and balanced all operators the past few seasons. Honestly, I still do have fun playing the game, and what makes it even more enjoyable is having friends to game with. A few things I believed that can be fixed are, the pointless operator ideas, the anti-cheat, and adding more gamemodes. we haven't seen a new/super exciting game mode, or limited time mode (LTM) in a very long time. Bringing back gamemodes like golden gun would bring so much more joy to the game. I also think something that could be added is the ability to use all of the operators. Not blandly like you immediatly unlock all of them, but in something where you can play a terrorist hunt with the operator to see if you would like to buy them, or just to mess around. Overall, despite the title on this article, I do not believe the game is overrated, mostly because in general it is not very highly rated. On the other hand there is a lot of improvements that can be made before I give it an extremely high review.

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