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Akinator ,A random guess or a correct conclusion?

So when i first tried Akinator I was blown away by the fact that he can literally guess any actor or famous character on my mind so I thought whats the technology behind Akinator ?

That's when I thought that it had something to do with an eye scanning technology ,why you ask

,because when he asks you a description of a character he ask a color of their hair or their occupation and there is a lot of people who match that description.I am confused like alien theories to secret government programs and all that stuff but no its just complicated programming I think ;3

But in reality this game can make people confused if they don't know the stuff behind it. To me the major reason why Akinator can guess those characters is that they only chose famous people since there is just a million out of a billion people but yeah due to limiting that number of people we can safely assume that because of that he can guess which character we are thinking of in our human brains

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

Overall thats just my theory the game is fun to play its like challenging God to a guess who game.

Its fun to play because to me its like your trying to outsmart someone or challenging them to a guess who.His guesses are accurate,he is more accurate than me when urinating in the urinal and I always get messy anyways the programming is spot on and if the player is honest about his/her answer or description then can say his guess is spot on. The thing I hate about this game is the fact that the people he can guess are only celebrities what if I also wanted him to ask me well i think such a thin exist since there are millions of people on this planet and you have to take note of their description and other stuff but what if such a thing exists....ever wondered what descriptions they will give know what nevermind I will be just publicly shamed same as you and would just give your stalker some notes and the whole development team would be arrested for invasion of privacy...well duh why would they ask a billion of people to tell them about themselves

By playing this game you can get 100 Play

The overall artwork of the genie is quite simplistic and the programming to since its guesses have to be accurate otherwise the whole body or purpose of this guessing game will be ruined. I like the fact that he has different facial reactions to any option i click like for example I clicked no and he will get really frustrated and whenever he guesses something right he looks really confident. But really this game is fun to try out it kinda has some flaws but overall a good game when you're bored and have nothing to do your guys should buy the VIP version in order to give credit to the devs. I think adding a VIP option to thee game instead of posting some random pop up ads is a better choice than annoying someone with those ads but i think just adding ads to the side or on top is better than pop ups since you can give someone a scare with pop ups if such thing exists.


His name is Jafar

He comes from afar

There's a bomb in his car

Allahu Akbar!!!!!!

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